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Guest Blogger: Alaya Dawn Johnson

Through the end of this month into August we’re going to have another guest blogger: author Alaya Dawn Johnson. You may remember Alaya from her guest post a couple of years ago during Black History Month.

Alaya’s first book, Racing the Dark, is available now in hardback and will be out soon in paperback. She also wrote a really cute Twisted Journeys book called The Goblin King and her next book, a vampire suffragette novel called Moonshine, is coming out later this year.

In addition to her books, she also writes some great short stories. You can find a complete bibliography on her website.

Alaya is an amazing writer but a very infrequent blogger. But as we always end up talking about race and gender foolishness in the science fiction and fantasy genre, I figured she would have no trouble finding things to post here for the next month and change.

One thought on “Guest Blogger: Alaya Dawn Johnson”

  1. Mel says:

    I never expected to see “vampire” and “suffragette” in such close proximity. I will definitely be looking for that book!

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