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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Reproductive Justice Linkspam: A Starting Point

I had many plans for this post. I was gonna write about Copenhagen 15. But weeks later I still feel so damn furious and depressed that I decided to ignore that. So I intended to featuring another blog, or writing about the recent incidents of

Evaluating the Outrageous

Adviser for Americans arrested in Haiti suspected of Child Trafficking in El Salvador. So am I supposed to believe they just happened to find someone connected to human trafficking and hired him? Don’t answer that. In other “I hate the world” news this shit right

Rumors of my death…

…have not been exaggerated. Figuratively speaking. Apologies for being so silent here, folks. As I mentioned awhile back, I’m a writer, and just recently my first novel came out — a fantasy novel called The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. You can read the first few chapters

Feature Blog: The Feminist Texican

There are other blog posts that I have promised to make. I’m still working on them. In the meantime, here’s a cool blog whose owner has has good links and great blog posts: Feminist Texican Blogeando: Latinos Are Blogging, Are you Engaging Them? Lean in