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Help Us Choose A New Header

Now that we’re all settled in to the new blog space and I’m finally able to spend some time making things look more ABW-ish, I’d like to do something about our headers. Currently we have some rotating nature pictures which are pretty, but not very us. I could modify the old header and stick it up there, but what I’d really like is to have something new. Also, I want some new accent colors for the blog which will come from any new header we choose.

I know many of your are artistic and have Photoshop skillz and whatnot. If you’re willing to do us the favor of donating your time and skills to creating a new header or even throwing out some ideas of what we could put up there, we would really appreciate it. (And obviously you’d be credited.)

The header images are 1300 x 160 currently. If we have a header with a white background then the width does not matter. If it’s oging to be some other color or a pattern, then it should be at least 1300 pixels. Right now I’m very open as to theme, wording, graphics, etc.

Anyone have any ideas?