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I draw the line at Twittering

However, I have caved into pressure to put up an artist/writer page on Facebook.  Here it is. I’m not entirely sure what to do with it yet, but you can become my “fan”, start discussions there, write on my wall, and some other stuff.  If

Some Changes Afoot

Some of you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago the URL in the title bar changed from to  This is step one in a series of small changes that will allow me to move this blog from to a

Looking for Editors & Writers

Please note, this is not for the ABW blog but for a different project I’m involved in.  Please pass it around, link, and repost it as appropriate. We’re looking for editors (or writers with some editorial background) to manage the content for 3 – 5

Lies, All Lies!

Oh, best intentions! Due to the fact that I have a record amount of work to do (setting up a store for a new client, plus getting to things that were not gotten to before WisCon) my post is delayed! sadness. Never fear, it is

Harassment Post Coming Monday

I’m collecting some more data.  This has turned into quite a deep post. Meanwhile, I am amused at the # of hits I continue to get.  And now from encyclopedia dramatica!  Keep linking to me, guys!  I’ve been trying to convince advertisers to buy space

We Broke A Record

According to WordPress I’ve had over 11,000 hits today, making it my best day ever since this blog started!  I’m really surprised since the best day I had previously was in February 2007 when I put up the Barack Obama Church Post of DOOM (10,000

Tired, but not Silent

My birthday is this Saturday. I’m celebrating by giving myself a break from blogging, moderation queues, and getting my blood pressure up about stuff on the Internet. However, I am not going away forever. not even going away for long. And in the meantime Karynthia

I’m Not The Doctor

I get a lot of emails from the Contact Me tab. Mainly I am happy to get them because I love email and emailing people. I don’t always get to answer everything because, as I said, I get a lot. But there are certain types

Upcoming Changes

A few changes are coming up soon and I wanted to keep my wonderful readers up to date and also ask for your help. I own the domain and, if you plug that into your browser, it will redirect here. As I eventually want