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March on the ABW

So, we made it through February. And I feel it was quite a successful celebration of blackness and history. But now we’ve come to March and, guess what? It’s Women’s History Month. Now, had I planned this out from the beginning of the year, I’d

All good things must come to an end

February and Black History Month are over! My limited exposure to the media meant I didn’t have to deal with too much stupid BHM crap this year. Must remember this strategy next time around. First thing, I want to thank all of the guest bloggers


Just want to take a moment to, again, thank all of my guest bloggers and essayists for their contributions. Last week saw more content than the ABW has seen all at once in a long time. So before we dive back in to the thoughtful

Oh that black history!

February is coming up soon and that means Black History Month stuff will abound. While it is a bittersweet time of year for us black folks, it does serve as a reminder, even to ourselves, to go beyond the surface of our history in America

Buy Some Stuff in the Meantime

The holidays are a crazy busy time for me because I work for a fashion magazine and, of course, we’re spending all of our time trying to get people to buy things. It’s the kind of work that makes me hate the holidays. It also

What I Might Do If I Got Really Angry

So every now and then we get some semi-hard core trolls around here who decide to make annoying and stupid posts on every post they come across starting on the front page and going backwards. Or sometimes they start out in one particular conversation and

That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

My goal is to post to the ABW blog once every weekday and at least once on the weekends.  However, due to life and work and other annoyances, I can’t always meet that goal. But even when I’m busy working I’m browsing the web looking

Social Justice Corner

When I decided to look into putting ads on the blog, I didn’t realize that has a policy against ads.  Affiliate links are okay as long as the purpose of the site isn’t to drive traffic tot he affiliate links.  But ads appear to

Theme Test Run: Digg

ETA: Thanks for your input, everyone!  The response to Digg was overwhelmingly positive and I personally like it a lot.  So I’ve chosen this for my new theme.  I think this will be the final test theme I try out. Unless WordPress gives us a

Theme Test Run: Garland

ETA: Thanks for your comments, everyone! They are much appreciated. If you’d like to see what the blog looked like with the Garland theme, see this screenshot. You can still comment on this theme if you like, but to comment on the theme currently in