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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Theme Test Run: Andreas

ETA: Thanks for your comments, everyone! They are much appreciated. If you’d like to see what the blog looked like with the Andreas theme, see this screenshot. You can still comment on this theme if you like, but to comment on the theme currently in

Criticizing the Critical

On the Kids Hair post, La – msviswan made this comment: …it also seems black women with natural hair are putting emphasis on black women who prefer their hair straight as having some kind of self-hate. This insinuation (not saying by you) usually offends me.

Linky Carnival

Since was a little messed up this weekend some of you may have missed a post or two.  Never fear, I am here to point you toward all the angry black goodness. First, there’s my review of Acacia (fantasy… with brown people!  omg) and

Acacia, by David Anthony Durham

We pause TV week to bring you some entertainment in a different medium (psst: books!). A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading a new fantasy book called Acacia in preparation for interviewing the author, David Anthony Durham. Acacia’s debut was much anticipated