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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Debate Winding Down

If you missed the discussion in last Monday’s debate post, I encourage you to take some time to read the comments there.  Very interesting things said and points raised.  Tomorrow afternoon I’m disabling comments, so if you have more to say you should, you know,

Link Roundup

Sorry no roundup yesterday. Life intruded upon blogging! First and foremost: The 5th Erase Racism Carnival is up at Black Looks. As always with carnivals, there are very interesting and informative posts you should read. I don’t have a lot to say on the Clinton

Monday Debate : What is Racism?

My new idea for getting other people to say interesting things on my blog: Monday Debate. This is where I invite folks to come in, sit a spell, and have a discussion on a contentious topic. The main reason for doing so is to try

Global Day for Darfur

Today is the Global Day for Darfur. If you don’t know why we need a day like today, educate yourself on it, please. It’s important. I’m not big on protests and marches for myself (though I think they’re good to have in general) so I

Saturday Link Roundup

Miscellaneous Google opens up 200 years of news The web-based tool allows users to explore existing digitised newspaper articles spanning the last 200 years and more recent online content. … “The goal here is to be able to explore history as it unfolded,” said Anurag

TGIF – Comment Highlights

The weekend is here, and that means I am having too much fun to blog! Instead, I’ll highlight some of the very interesting comments people have made in the past week or so. If you’re reading the posts but not the comments, you’re missing out

Things You Need To Understand #4

White Privilege exists whether you know it, acknowledge it, or understand it. Any attempts to convince me that you, a white person, don’t have White Privilege will result in laughter, mockery, and possibly a beat down. It is a given that, whenever I engage in

Wednesday Link Roundup

John Scalzi posts about how his wife Krissy handles a guy at a club who thinks it’s okay to harass women until they give in to his naughty demands. Due to Krissy’s actions, he probably won’t do that again. (I’ve had a huge crush on