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Linkspam: Diverse women’s voices in rock

original entry is here with astonishing no. of recs in the comments. As usual, be not an asshole. I read all of these which are about the experience of white, cis, ablebodied women for the most part, and was inspired to do a post featuring

The myth of atheists being “less” than religious people

The Linkmistress would like to interrupt her regular linkspams to bring you an actual blog. With words. As usual, civility is requested and will be enforced. Iron fist, velvet glove etc. crossposted. The following critique is based on the media I have consumed and the

linkspam: Why didn’t you call the police? Part One

TRIGGER WARNING NO VICTIM BLAMING IN THE COMMENTS OR YOU WILL BE BANNED. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. AND MALICE AFORETHOUGHT. I HAVE. NO. PATIENCE. PERIOD. you have been warned. Because you cannot trust them. No really. Of course, not all of them do that. But how


Earth Day at the Climate Justice Frontier There are no shortage of ideas today for how global capitalism can be marshaled to slow down global warming. Never mind that we’re in this mess in the first place largely due to the take-no-prisoners industrialization that today’s

Sometimes the world does not suck: Part Two

Before we get to the good parts however: A Signal Fire via jonquil: Do not trust Clitoraid, the charity being promoted by Betty Dobson that offers surgery to FGM victims see also RESPECT Find out what it means to me! I WOULD NOT OBJECT TO

Sometimes the world does not suck

I tend to write posts when I am pissed. Now this is great motivation, but unrelenting gloom and doom tends to leave me ridiculously depressed, and pessimistic about the fate of the world. So this is a post for good news, my readers. Because sometimes

Black women rockers

To be blunt…I love rock music. Rock is portrayed as pretty darn white and male. Hence the inspiration for this post. Lot of featured artistes located via this discussion at Quirky Black Girl which also has some gorgeous MP3’s in the thread Felony Melody from