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Political Monday: We Are In A Historical Moment

I’ve tried to write this post so many times, but mainly it just comes out boring and wrong-sounding. Still, I feel the need to remark on something. Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary. Before that he won the Iowa caucus. Hilary Clinton won New

It Begins…

It’s Iowa Caucus day. The first vote of the primary season for the 2008 election. The first indication of what’s to come. Though I am interested in politics, I must admit I am damn tired of this business already. However, I am glad that some

Dear Religious Black People

Speaking as a black woman who was raised in the church (AME Zion, to be precise, but I have strong Baptist ancestry, too), speaking as a woman who is still deeply spiritual though no longer Christian, speaking as a woman who is queer, I have

Political Monday Debate – Barack vs. Hillary

I know it’s Tuesday, but I was away yesterday and I would really like to have this Political Monday/Monday Debate this week, so we’ll pretend it’s Monday here on the ABW. After all, according to recent commenters we are all retards, anyway. [sidenote – yes,

Political Monday

A few weeks ago I went to a Barak Obama rally for the first time. I am not a rally person by nature. Standing in line for hours to then stand around with some other people and, eventually, be crushed by those around me is

The anti-immigration movement vs. US soldiers: Round one — FIGHT!!

Guest blogger Nora here, having a WTF moment. It’s times like this when the irrationality of the anti-immigration movement becomes really obvious. I use “anti-immigration” rather than anti-illegal-immigration because, quite frankly, the two are one and the same in the eyes of the most rabid

Jena Thursday

Though I’m not leaving the house today, I’m wearing black in support of the marches on Jena, LA. I waited to write this post so that I could point to news coverage of the protest. I’m happy to say that it’s been mentioned on All

Sometimes the News is Good

A couple of updates on issues of concern. First, though I didn’t blog about it, I was aware of the whole Glamour magazine editor calls natural hairstyles “political” and “totally so dumb!” Okay, I’m paraphrasing. People were pissed, blogs were snarky, and there were even