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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Imaro by Charles Saunders

I mentioned Imaro in the comments of the Diversity in SF Fiction post, but it deserves more highlighting. Last year, the Carl Brandon Society blog announced that Night Shade Books was reissuing the book. When I next saw the proprietor of Night Shade (that would

Announcing: The SFBookswap

What the hey? A Bookswap. You know, where a group of people get together and trade books around they’re all interested in. Okay, and what are you all interested in? Reading Science Fiction and Fantasy books and stories. Reading fiction written by women because we

Ron Moore, the ABW, and Race

As I said before, I spent the weekend hanging out with the SFWA crowd and attending the Nebula Awards. Standing in a room full of the most amazing writers on the planet is a heady experience, let me tell you. And it never becomes less

Speaking of Carnivals

New carnival coming up — the People of Colour SF Carnival. I think it’s an excellent idea for these reasons: Because Lt. Uhura should have had more lines. (ST: TOS) Because Kevin Sorbo was jealous of Keith Hamilton Cobb and wrote him out. (Andromeda) Because

The True Front of Progressivism

God damn, I love nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez/The Unapologetic Mexican. Why? Why: SOMETIMES YOU WONDER if blogging is a component of Real Change, done for distraction, provided as a social experience, or is just a game. And of course, it is all these things at different