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Speaking of Carnivals

New carnival coming up — the People of Colour SF Carnival. I think it’s an excellent idea for these reasons:

Because Lt. Uhura should have had more lines. (ST: TOS)

Because Kevin Sorbo was jealous of Keith Hamilton Cobb and wrote him out. (Andromeda)

Because among other butchery, the SciFi Channel made Ged white. (EarthSea)

Because Forrest was a plot point and Graham was an extra. (Btvs)

Because Ronon Dex is not a savagely sexual wild man. (SGA)

Because Ford deserved better. (SGA)

Because Goliath showed up only to get killed. (Marvel: CW)

Because Vixen should have been more than the other woman. (JLU)

Because it can feel isolating among other journalers and bloggers.

Because it could encourage other People of Color to speak up more.

Because Carl Lumbly should be remembered for MANTIS.

Because Milestone Media deserved more love.

Because there should be more shows like Afro Saumrai

Because there should be more heroines like Jade and Juniper Lee.

Because Bianca Lawson tried out for the role of Cordelia Chase instead of Kendra. (BtVS)

Because Pete Ross drowned in a sea of nothingness (Smallville)

Because there are illustrators of color who don’t get to put faces like theirs on the front of a SF book.

and so many more you guys obviously know all about. Submission Guidelines, Deadlines, and other explanations here. I definitely plan to submit.

12 thoughts on “Speaking of Carnivals”

  1. pllogan says:

    Because Morpheus was the best part of the Matrix series. I loved the character arc they did with him. Not to mention Laurence Fishburne is a damn good actor.

  2. Carabosse says:

    I jumped at the chance to recommend one of your posts, and then noticed that you were hosting an issue. Now I feel silly. You’re still eligible to have your own material in it, right?

  3. Angel H. says:

    I’ve only got two words:

    Woo. Hoo.

  4. Oaktown Girl says:

    I’m new to this carnival stuff, but this is a great idea.

    This may be a stupid question because the answer may be right under my nose, but I can’t see it anywhere: what are the dates for this event and what are the deadlines? Thanks.

  5. Liv says:

    Here, here!
    I agree with everything said. Especially this…

    Because Carl Lumbly should be remembered for MANTIS.

    Boy he got no recognition for that and I watched it reigiously.

    Right on!

    I wish I were a writier so I could help. I do illustrate however. I mainly did aliens but I may have to start doing some POC superstars!

  6. Liv says:

    NO I couldn’t be a writier with all of my typos…LOL

  7. Angel H. says:

    Here’s another:

    Because, admit it, you start taking bets with your friends for how long it takes for the Black guy to die.

  8. Sara no H. says:

    Because, admit it, you start taking bets with your friends for how long it takes for the Black guy to die.

    I was watching a movie recently where the lone Black guy was also wearing a red shirt — and he managed to survive most of the movie, even with those massive odds stacked against him.

  9. Ceanji says:

    To me the best part of the Matrix if you include the game was the Niobe and The Oracle.

    Niobe volunteered to defend Zion because Commaneder Locke tried to pull her off to “protect her” The Oracle because she sacrificed her outer shell to save that little indian girl.
    Milestone pure sweetness.
    Vixen deserved more. Way more.
    So did steel.

    Juniper Lee is waaay better than Totally Spies and just hair above Powerpuff Girls. (Bubbles reads Manga and Buttercup reads Spawn. ’nuff said)

    Sisko told Picard to get out of site and to keep his apology for killing his wife while in borg form.

    Cyborg kept it real in the Teen titans.

    Because Jinx lead the Hive academy in beating the titans the first episode.

    Janeway got her people back home.
    The first commanders of both Enterprise and the Original pilot were both women and held it down. (though I hated Enterprise)
    Becasue the power rangers are an infantile display of a rainbow coalition. (Why did the Black Ranger get a gun? Why did he have to be black? Why is the asian character damm near always the yellow ranger?)

    Oh and usually now the asian guy dies first even though he is he “martial arts expert”

  10. pllogan says:

    Oh, man, I loved the first Oracle in Matrix. I was so sad when I heard that actress died.

  11. blackromancereader says:

    Actually, Bianca Lawson landed the part of Cordelia but chose the decline it to star on a UPN sitcom(that was cancelled, natch). *g*

    But this is a great idea and eagerly await it.

  12. seekingavalon says:


    Were you still interested in hosting an Carnival in 2008?

    Willow / Organizer
    People of Color in Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Carnival

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