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Things You Need to Understand #6 – Male Privilege

I recently realized that while I have an excellent post on White Privilege, I don’t have one specifically about Male Privilege. While it’s true that most any essay or post dealing with White Privilege can be applied to Male Privilege with a quick copy/paste, it’s

Something *I* needed to understand

Y’know, housesitting here at ABW for a few days has really opened my eyes to how important it is to keep a “safety zone” around discussions of racism. I thought I understood this, intellectually, but the practical experience has been a whole other thing. One

Things You Need to Understand #5 – Color Blindness

When white people say: “I don’t see color” or “We should live in a colorblind society” What they’re actually saying is: “I refuse to deal with how our culture and societry treats people of color because it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to understand

Things You Need To Understand #4

White Privilege exists whether you know it, acknowledge it, or understand it. Any attempts to convince me that you, a white person, don’t have White Privilege will result in laughter, mockery, and possibly a beat down. It is a given that, whenever I engage in

Some Things You Need to Understand #3

This one comes from LJ user stickykeys633 in the blackfolk community: Dear lovely white people in real life, The people who can rightfully declare racism to be over? Are the people to which the racism is happening. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know. Yes, yes,

Things You Need To Understand #2 – Tubman’s Law

Tubman’s Law (subset of Godwin’s Law) By trying to equate black racial oppression–which involved millions of people being taken away from their countries and carted across the sea, where many died or got horrible diseases, and then were used as free laborers and were more

Some Things You Need To Understand #1

An ongoing series. Here’s something you need to understand before engaging me in any debate: Racism = Prejudice + Power By definition, Blacks and other minorities cannot be racist because they do not have insitutional, systemic power. The term Minority doesn’t even refer to a