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Race, Terminology, and Self-Identification

So there’s this letter in today’s Dear Abby about the way President Obama is referred to by black Americans/self-identifies as a black man. And it contains an argument I’ve heard before about the white “half” and so I feel compelled to point out a few

Dear Straight Cisgender People Who Are Showing Out

Sometimes it’s just not about us. Really, it’s okay for oppressed and marginalized groups to want to have things that are just for them. I promise you, giving up a teensy bit of space in the world will not kill you. You say this offends

Race, Gender, and the Oppressive Public Gaze…

I’ve been struggling with writing this post for some time now. On the one hand there are things I feel need to be said about the treatment of Caster Semenya (especially in light of the news that she has been placed under a suicide watch),

Government Run Healthcare….A Scary Story

So I went to VA1 this morning. Now I had no appointment (my pain only became unmanageable in the last week) so I had to go through the walk-in clinic. My preferred clinic is Women Health and their walk in hours are only on Mondays

Hair, Blackness, and Beauty

I need to wash and twist my hair. I do not feel like twisting it, but it needs washing and if I wash it I have to twist it since it refuses to even think about locing and thus water = losing its shape. So,

Last Word on WorldCon

So, Ms. Lamplighter apologized here and on her LJ. And yes, there are things I could respond to in both places, but as you can see on the first link I’ve already made my decision on how to handle it. Why that road and not

Smile and nod

Some people have said they liked my introduction yesterday.  Good!  Stay with me now.  You love me when I’m angry. Or anyway, you should.  Especially if you’re white, because the fact that I let you know I am angry, well, that’s me being nice to