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The War On Abortion in Kansas


Dr. Herbert Hodes, a Kansas ob-gyn, has a patient who is 18 1/2 weeks pregnant and has ruptured membranes. The pregnancy, he says, will not survive, and if the woman continues it, she will get an infection. He saw her on Thursday, but beca…


Apparently there are over 1,000 people following this Tumblr now. I… need to put on some pants.

Aida Overton Walker (1880-1914)

Aida Overton Walker (1880-1914) 
via: isitscary

Aida Overton Walker dazzled early-twentieth-century theater audiences with her original dance routines, her enchanting singing voice, and her penchant for elegant costumes. One of the premiere African …

Elegance by PorcelainPoet on deviantart.

Elegance by PorcelainPoet on deviantart. 
I’m loving the dress, but that wig is off the hook.


Model is Raven WestWardrobe by Helene HawthorneMakeup by Pamela Grieco

That URL is the best ever.

Dressing Up Native: Just Don’t Do It


“Dressing up as ‘a Native American’ furthers the already popular notion that they aren’t real, diverse, complex human beings. There’s a reason that dressing up as a white guy isn’t nearly as effective on Halloween; there’s no ho…