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WisCon 31

For those of you coming to this site because you’ve seen me on a pane or otherwise met me while running around: Hello! I’m going to reference a lot of posts during my panels, so I’ll list them here. Hope you stick around and contribute

May 2007 Erase Racism Carnival

Welcome to the 12th Erase Racism Carnival! Sorry this edition is a little late. We had a few issues to deal with at ABW Central this weekend. This is a very media-heavy edition, mainly because media issues are very interesting to me. The summer movie

My final thoughts on Language

Note: I’m off meditating in the woods until April 30th. This post was written beforehand and set to go live in my absence. Feel free to comment and discuss as you normally would. Just be aware that I can’t take part until I come home.

Required Reading List

I’ve decided that I definitely need a Required Reading List to point people to when they come to this site. I’ll include the posts on White Privilege and Racism and Hair, but I’d also like to point to some posts off site, too. I’m looking

It’s like trying to find Waldo

Happened across a post yesterday about the Center for the Study of Science Fiction’s summer workshops for short story and novel writers. The short story workshop is mainly taught by James Gunn. The workshop group is collectively called the “Young Guns”. Now, take a look

Apparently I got so angry I dissapeared

Work, this time. But I’m back now. Hopefully folks didn’t miss me too much. I have a lot of posts floating around in my head right now, but not sure which one I want to work on first. However, I did want to share something

Engaging in Stereotypes

It seems that there’s an entire country on CP* time: More than 28 million Peruvians are being asked to synchronise their watches – to cure chronic problems of lateness. The entire South American nation has been ordered to break with centuries of tradition by attempting

The drawbacks of being famous

Like I said last week, it’s kind of fun when I’m linked to as an authority on ‘black stuff’ like gratuitous hair petting and whatnot. But all this fame comes at a price. I might also be linked to by a bunch of unabashedly racist

Savage to Mary Cheney: Fuck You

Mary Cheney is having a baby, but she doesn’t want anybody to use her precious embryo for politics. (This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop.) Dan Savage has a few choice