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Dear Hollywood, Gypsy Curses? NOT Okay.

About a week ago I read a review for the new Sam Raimi horror flick Drag Me To Hell. The description offered went something like: Christine Brown is  a loan officer at a bank. When she refuses to give an old Gypsy woman an extention

I would make a terrible superhero girlfriend.

Why? Because I’d be all over killing the bad guy. Not to mention not being willing to play the victim who gets held hostage or dropped off buildings or whatever. In fact as fantasy/horror/romance books go I’d make a terrible damsel in distress period. Because

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Like any geek worth her salt, I saw the movie this past weekend. I try not to pay too much attention to casting, spoilers, or even trailers, so I was really surprised to see in the movie. As the sole brother, I expected him


Earlier this week, one of my radical writer friends alerted me to the existence of a little-known but award-winning Mexican sci-fi film called “Sleep Dealer”. So some of us went to see it this week — and I was blown away. The story’s premise is

M. Night, say it isn’t so!

I don’t post much about TV stuff because I don’t watch a lot of TV. But when I do, because my tastes have always been eclectic and a little weird, I tend to watch weird eclectic stuff. Thus was born my love of Avatar: The

Diner Dash and the Angry Black Women

Over at Cerise (the gaming magazine for women) I have a review of Wedding Dash, a spin-off of Diner Dash, one of my favorite games. I’m not a huge gamer, though I have played them since I was a kid. I even still have a