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What it means to vote for John McCain

Note to the readers: I’ve been struggling and struggling with this piece trying to make sure I was covering everything and wasn’t being too biased. But new things keep popping up and I have some health issues on the horizon, so rather than keep poking

On Racism, Media, and the Presidential Race

So I was going to comment on the racism that’s flying fast and furious at the Obama’s this week. But then John Scalzi went off for me. So since I don’t have anything to say that can top this beautiful beatiful rant I’m just going

History Has Been Made…And It Is Bittersweet

I’m almost afraid to watch the news tonight. Everyone is saying that the Dem race is over and Obama has the nomination. What do I mean by everyone? I mean McCain recognized him as his official opponent and meanwhile Hillary is making sure everyone knows

Sexism, Chivalry, and POC communities

So one of the things that’s been working my nerves this election cycle has been the rush to paint every single bit of language uttered by Obama that could be gendered as proof of his being sexist. The furor over the word periodically was wacky

The In’s and Out’s of Catcalling

Catcalling– creepy or a compliment? You know I have yet to experience catcalling that felt the least bit complimentary. In fact I generally find myself wondering what possessed the guy to think the comments would net good results, or I get annoyed enough to tell

Bill Clinton Can Kiss My Black Ass

Usually I try to craft these well reasoned posts complete with tons of links and back up data just so I can be assured that my audience is getting a complete picture. Today is not the day for that kind of post because I’m really