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Why I’m Angry – Guns in the Hands of Madmen

Wanna know what makes me angry? I’ll tell you. Hours after a guy walks on to a college campus and kills upwards of 30 people and wounds around 30 more using a gun and several rounds of ammo there is an NRA person on the TV spouting bullshit about how guns don’t kill people, people kill people, or some other such nonsense.

33 people are dead. DEAD. There is no way in hell he could have gone on that kind of rampage with a knife or even a crossbow. Massacres like this are brought to us by guns, pure and simple.

People are dead and possibly dying, NRA folks. Now is not the time for your special brand of blithe disregard for anyone other than yourselves.

So: Shut. The Fuck. Up.

11 thoughts on “Why I’m Angry – Guns in the Hands of Madmen”

  1. Nick says:

    The NRA is classy. They were in Columbine the weekend after the massacre there holding a rally too.

  2. Dani says:

    Thank you.

  3. Kenny says:

    And you believe gun laws will prevent madmen from acquiring guns and killing people???


    Great idea!

  4. the angry black woman says:

    Dear Kenny,

    Did I mentioned gun laws at all? Did I even bring up the 2nd Amendment? No. So stop assuming you know anything about my stance on ‘gun laws’, whatever the hell that means, and try applying your third grade education-level reading skills to the post.


  5. Phil says:

    Another thing about this incident that made me angry was that CNN’s website had a full banner
    “news alert” headline for the better part of yesterday afternoon reading simply “President Bush calls shootings ‘horrific.'”

    Not that one should generally turn to CNN for thought-provoking analysis of the events of the day, but exactly where does a purportedly journalistic institution get off deciding that the most important piece of information its readership could have at that time was a clarification of Bush’s official position on the mass murder of American college students.

    …as opposed to the mass murder of, say, Iraqi civilians, but that’s (not) another press conference…

    I petition for CNN and President Bush to also Shut. The. Fuck. Up at this time.

  6. Kenny says:

    Dear Angry, my humblest apologies, I interpreted your anti-NRA spew as implying that you oppose the very thing that the NRA supports, fewer gun laws.
    Now that I’ve apologized for misconstruing your meaning, please elaborate on the specific nature of your policy differences with the NRA.
    Thank you.

  7. the angry black woman says:

    Here’s what I oppose:

    1 – NRA assholes not respecting anything about this situation and only caring about promoting their particular brand of crazy and ensuring absolutely nothing, including a legitimate argument, stands in the way of them getting to express said crazy.

    2 – The rampant privilege on display whenever these jerkwads show up anywhere.

    I don’t know much about the NRA’s actual policies, only what I hear in soundbites. Therefore, i’m not actually in a position judge how my views differ from theirs. I wasn’t commenting on policy. I probably won’t comment on policy. It’s not an issue I’m particularly interested in exploring.

    What I did comment on was assholeness. Any other questions?

    (Phil — co-signed)

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  10. Wade Phillips says:

    How upset are you about a black man walking into a council meeting killing 5 unarmed white men and women because he would not follow the law, and expected white guilt to build his business? I bet one of those murdered men or women wish the governemt would allow people to carrry concealed weapons like the NRA wants. Also how mad are you that the black folk in that area seem to think the murderer was justified..he just made 5 more familiets uncolor blind to black hostility to whites.

    Your right more and more whites are now becoming less color blind!

  11. the angry black woman says:

    What makes me truly upset is that any instance of any black person ANYWHERE doing something I would not personally do is always and forever thrown up in my face as if that proves anything about black people as a whole. Let me lay some truth on you, Wade. Some white people kill white people, and black people, and latinos, and Arabs and Muslims and Jews and just about anybody they can get their hands on. White people commit terrorist acts. While people kill bunch of people in a row. A serial, one might call it. Does that mean I get to roll up on you every time it happens and say SEE, THIS PROVES THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL! No, because that would be ignorant of me. And I endeavor not to be as ignorant as you obviously are.

    get a goddamned life.

  12. HW says:

    Anyone should be upset that 5 innocent people were shot regardless of their race or background. What, because someone is black they are suppose to be on the side of a murderer. Any black person that thinks that something like that is justified is an idiot. And Wade, any white person that uses that incident to justify their racism is also idiotic. I bet what those murdered men and women “wish for” was that it wasn’t so easy for that guy to get a gun in the first place.

    And it’s an understatement for me to say that the NRA, appearing so soon after a school shooting, was tasteless and heartless.

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