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The sudden infusion of assholes

The Why is the Universe so Full of White People post was submitted, randomly, to reddit. (the comments there are pretty scary) Suddenly there are a ton of comments on the post. And, big surprise, many of them are from the ignorati. So, just in case you’re wondering why such an old conversation is getting so much attention, that’s why.

4 thoughts on “The sudden infusion of assholes”

  1. Aerik says:

    Sorry to cause you trouble. I decided I liked your comments on another reddit thread, friended you, and having added a new friend, browsed the ‘hot’ items on my page, and saw you have a blog. Then after checking out several of your posts, I thought it was worth submitting. I’m a sci-fi fan myself, and the passive racism of the sci-fi channel irks me, too.

  2. al says:

    i’d missed that post before. or maybe it predates my reading your blog. but i thought i’d mention that the other reason it’s so fucked up that tv shows have all these white folks in them, one that can’t be countered with ‘it’s just a show’ or whatever (not that that is remotely a valid argument) is that in real life, real minorities are not getting acting jobs. when all the characters are white, then all the actors are white. how can that not be racist?

  3. the angry black woman says:

    Aerik – No biggie :) I figured the person who submitted it wasn’t an asshole, but sometimes getting linked on a site like reddit will bring them in by the boatfull. I’m usually prepared for it when I submit stuff!

    Al – exactly!

  4. The Dandy Man says:

    It’s easy to show white people how it feels. Have them watch BET….hmm…on second thought….nah. Even I don’t watch BET like that. Except for 3: Hell Date, S.O.B. which I think A2B you would like and We Got To Do Better.
    But as far as Sci-Fi shows on Sci-Fi channel. meh. EVen the good ones which not a person of color in sight are actually decent get cancelled *cough Dresden Files cough*

    I say it’s time to start boycotting products
    where women of color are only the males sexual conquest and exotic flavor.

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