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More on Strange Horizons

SH has extended their fund drive, so if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, you’ve got a bit more time to do so.  From Susan’s post:

 There’s something interesting about the non-profit fund-drive model: in some ways, it’s not primarily about the money.  It’s about the support.  The money is important, certainly.  Our fund drive goal represents about a third of our annual operating budget.  But fund drive participation is also an indicator of community support, which is a key factor in raising the -rest- of our operating budget.  We have a lot of other indicators of community support, or at least of community appreciation–our readership numbers are good, and we’re getting award nominations and critical notice.  (It was recently pointed out that four of the last five Campbell Award recipients were published in Strange Horizons before becoming Campbell winners, which sounds to me like we’re doing a good job with our goal of finding and supporting talented new authors.)   But I think people don’t realize the extent to which fund drives are a show of support as much as anything else.  That’s partly our fault.  We talk about the lovely gifts and prizes, and we compare a Strange Horizons donation to a magazine subscription, because both of those tactics allow us to feel a little bit more comfortable with the fact that we’re asking for money.  None of us are professional fundraisers, and we all hate asking for money.

As I said before, I really think Strange Horizons is doing an awesome job encouraging writers of all kinds to submit by publishing a wide range of voices.  It’s a magazine worth having in the field.  So I encourage you to donate!