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Barack and Hillary – It’s On!

There will be content here soon, I promise. Today NY Comicon gets going and I’ll provide a full report of my activities and the panels I’m attending. Should be good for a laugh. In the meantime, I’m going to provide you all with something to giggle over.

Obama and Clinton

That picture was taken yesterday, btw.

Once again, pulled from an LJ Blackfolks caption contest. But I have yet to see the perfect caption. Dazzle me, angry black readers!

11 thoughts on “Barack and Hillary – It’s On!”

  1. Massif says:

    Barack wasn’t impressed that Hillary had sent the Robo-Clinton to a debate for the third time that week.

  2. David says:

    White Woman vs. Black Man

    It’s just like those episodes of “The Real World”!

  3. I am not Star Jones says:

    Girl, I will house you.

  4. chicago dyke says:

    “bitch, get your own goddamn coffee. does this look like a porter’s jacket to you???”

  5. pllogan says:

    Woman! Stop pinching my butt!

  6. scarlett says:

    i STILL know what you did last summer, whitehonkeybitch!

  7. Meredith says:

    Hi Angry!!!!

    I thought you and other sisters might be interested in a post entitled,
    “Black Beauty, Obesity, and ‘Norbit'” at the Theosyst Group blogspot.

    enjoy!!!! keep doing what you do!!!


  8. Matt Kressel says:

    “Once you go Barak, you never go back..”

  9. Some pale guy says:

    Obama: Watchoo lookin at, Hills?
    Clinton: I, uh.. was, um, uh, admiring your great haircut.
    *awkward pause*
    Obama: What is it with you people and your disturbing obsession with my personal grooming?

    Sorry if the Arnold reference offends anyone, but the “don’t give me bs” expression just fit too well. Anyway, you can always delete this if it’s a problem.

    Thanks for passing on the priceless pic. =D

  10. Dodo says:


  11. Marjani says:

    What you mean I’m not black enough, Barack?

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