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Why am I Angry? This is why I’m angry mutherfuckers!

Alleged Former Abu Ghraib Guard Discussed Gang Rape in Video

From the Transcript:

(Bold type denotes off-camera voice of one of two other men present

**** indicates an edit in the tape.)

Get this on tape man. Say it again. Say again what happened.

Say what?

You know, like what was going on? What was it like being a guard there?

A guard at Abu Ghraib?

Yeah. That place, man, it’s fuckin’ world famous now.

I don’t know what to say. Nothin’ special. It’s better than being a fucking bullet sponge.

Know any of those guys who got busted, you know, for torturing those inmates?

They got fucked, man. You know, just cuz someone let the pictures get out.

****I mean, compared to what we were doing every day? Teasing a couple of hajjis? Give me a fucking break. You know, what’s the big deal about making a haji walk around like a dog and bark?

What was the most fun things?

The most fun thing, umm….definitely the women.

***….girl, she was probably like 15 years old. Yeah, she was hot dude. The body on that girl, yeah, really tight. You know, hadn’t been touched yet. She was fucking prime. So….


One of the guys started pimping her out for 50 bucks a shot. I think at the end of the day, you know, he’d made like 500 bucks before she hung herself.



She hung herself? How’s come she hung herself?

I don’t know. She wasn’t happy.

You didn’t get shit from the CO, did you?

Uh-uh, not until those fucking pictures came out. After then the biggest rule was no fucking cameras.

The full transcript is here, the video and commentary is here, the audio of me screaming expletitives would be here if I weren’t too fucking pissed off to bother.

I swear to god, if someone pulls out some bullshit about “a few bad apples” in relation to this, I will whip out my machete. Are there sufficient words to express my anger at this point? No, no there are not.

13 thoughts on “Why am I Angry? This is why I’m angry mutherfuckers!”

  1. DrumaTix says:

    Wow… This is infuriating

  2. chicago dyke says:

    damn, i missed that. not that i’m all that surprised. when i was in the marine corps, one of the staff sgts at camp was arrested for…wait for it…molesting his own 4 year old daughter. of course, he was one of the ones to bark loudest about “honor” and the heroic history of the Corps.

    just think of all the really great people in the military today, since the pentagon has relaxed educational and criminal background standards in order to meet the recruiting goals.

    i can’t wait till they all come home.

  3. Rachel says:

    There was no explanation of “a few bad apples” needed here. Because this shit wasn’t NEARLY as widely circulated as the images of male iraqi detainees being tortured. Why? Because when a man gets raped or sexually abused, it’s this unfathomable horror. It demands questions and outrage and national debate. When a woman gets raped, it’s what’s expected. From birth, we’re constantly reminded that as a woman we can be raped. For a woman to be raped is nothing particularly special or out-of-the-ordinary in the eyes of society.

    Makes me want to fucking scream.

  4. abw says:

    What was the most fun things?
    One of the guys started pimping her out for 50 bucks a shot. I think at the end of the day,you know, he’d made like 500 bucks before she she hung herself.


    She hung herself?How come she hung herself?
    Um, I don’t know. She wasn’t happy.

    I am already going to apologize to anti-racist white people and whites with an ounce of conscience before I say what I am going to say. So help me….God/Jesus???

    What the fuck is wrong with these two cracka ass crackers? Dumb ass devils!! If you search the dictionary for the definition of white devil you would find their faces front and center!!! I am sure you had a few comprador minorities to participate at times to appease their buddies. If they did F you too? You are no help to us here or abroad. You give us a black eye as well!!! Brainwashed self-hated MOFOS. Forget you toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again I apologize to anti-racist whites and whites with any shred of conscience, commonsense,intelligence!!!!

    Damn right she wasn’t happy jackasses/jackanapes!!!! Several U.S.racist imperialist soldiers, the same ones that are currently occupying her country, ran a “train on her.” Excusing her background and the current situation, what woman you know would take well to being sexually coerced/no-forced in general and gang-raped in particular!!!!!!!Try none. This should be basic conscience and common sense!! But then again they don’t have it. I wonder if these soldiers would like anybody, particularly Arab-Muslim jihadists, gang-raping their grandmothers,mothers,sisters, girlfriends, female cousins, and wives-and doing what they will at liberty to them. Come on!!!

    This is why this country is losing its blessings. No wonder we are called the Great Satan!!!.We raise a bit too much HELL!!! No wonder the REST of the world hates US!! GWB claimed they hate us for our liberties. Um NOOOO!! They hate us for our global domination,imperialism, oppression, exploitation, apathy, and inequality. I thought I read this somewhere. Too busy and to horrified to respond earlier!

  5. abw says:

    Once again sorry white people. I also wanted to add if you are a person of color condoning this in the army-racist epithets apply to you too!

  6. Kelly says:

    St th fck dwn frm n ngry WHT BTCH

  7. Kelly says:

    g hd lt t rll……………..

  8. Owen says:

    Is this credited? -Owen

  9. abw says:

    Kelly, I am saddened that you are angry. Yet you’ll live and so will I! Once again all genuinely anti-racist and well meaning whites, sorry you had to endure the rant. It “TRULY”does not apply to you!

  10. Saladin says:

    Sorry to ipck this old thread up, but…

    Rachel said: “Because when a man gets raped or sexually abused, it’s this unfathomable horror. It demands questions and outrage and national debate.”

    Um, for about five days, then it goes away and Americans feel good about themsevles again. And it gets those five days of headlines ONLY if it’s on tape. You don’t really think thia Abu Ghraib was the first instance of the US military sexually violating men as part of its imperial madness, do you?

    Ultimately, what did all these “questions” and “outrage” lead to? Nothing except a few itt-bitty no-options-in-life “volunteer” scumbags getting their lives fucked up more. Meanwhile the arch-rapist-pimpers-of-pimps above the itt-bitty scumbags get rich, and every single person wearing a uniform is HERO. Or do you think the US has stopped torturing Iraqi/Muslim men? Or maybe they’re still torturing them, just not sodomizing them? Sure…

    Certainly rape is an pandemic crime that men generally don’t get punished for. But so is colonialism, and sexual violence — mostly toward women, but also toward men — has always been a part of colonialism.

    Owen — I was also curious about the documentation of the guy’s claims. But certainly not because I doubt such things are going on (I know it for a fact that they are). On a related note, every American shuold read/watch the POWERFUL , well-documented “Winter Soldier 2008,” in which “more than fifty veterans and active-duty service members testifying about engaging in or witnessing atrocities and war crimes against Iraqi and Afghan civilians.” Telling the truth, in this situation, is about as brave as it gets…

  11. Saladin says:

    Sorry for atrocious typos!

    The Winter Soldier story is here:

  12. Ico says:

    “Meanwhile the arch-rapist-pimpers-of-pimps above the itt-bitty scumbags get rich, and every single person wearing a uniform is HERO.”

    So true. So infuriatingly, disgustingly true. For every atrocious act that actually does leak up through the bubble of American complacency and nationalism (only to be labeled the result of “bad apples” or whatever), I can’t even imagine how many go uncounted… It’s sickening. And American complacency is even more sickening. We are so happy to pretend, to wave our flags and call ourselves “the good guys.”

    Thanks for the link.

  13. Yikes says:

    yeah I’m watching a Rihanna video
    then I see this and Im like

    “But whats the difference between this girl and rihanna”.

    This girl has no chance while the other has the wildest opportunities. One gets to dance around sexy, and one gets sexed to death.
    Sometimes the fact that I can sit down online and read about horrors lets me know
    I’m truly a part of the 1% . Thought no effort of my own, i happen to be very lucky, born into a decent situation ( compared to others).

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