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Some Changes Afoot

Some of you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago the URL in the title bar changed from to  This is step one in a series of small changes that will allow me to move this blog from to a self-hosted wordpress blog.  I’m doing this for several reasons, the main one being so that I can add (a very few) advertisements to the site.  I’m not about to go insane and fill the sidebars with a bunch of flashing ads and generate “sponsored posts” or anything like that.  Just one or two, probably from the BlogHer ad network.

As we go through this transition, you shouldn’t see any major changes.  Right now all links to will automatically redirect.  However, in about 4 months they won’t.  So if you have any links to pages or posts on this blog, could you please take a moment to delete the ‘.wordpress’ part now?  This way when I do move to my own server, all links will continue to work.

That’s pretty much it for now.  I have a couple of posts rattling around in my brain that will go up next week.  And hopefully I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule soon.

3 thoughts on “Some Changes Afoot”

  1. colorwheel says:

    I resyndicated your feed — well, syndicated the new one — on Livejournal for your LJ readers:

    (Sorry for the sillyish abbreviation — less silly abbrievaitions were already in use.)

  2. bfp says:

    oooh, hoooray!!!!!! SO excited!!!!

  3. Legible Susan says:


    Do you know whether Bloglines subscriptions will update automatically? Mine says there are 156 subscribers, and shows “.wordpress” in the feed link, but not in the individual links.

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