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25 Black Superheroes… are there even that many?

Need a break from politics and war and other stuff getting you down?  Go over to Fantasy magazine and read this article by (former guest blogger) Naamen Tilahun taking BlackVoices to task for their top 25 list of fail.  I’m not a big fan of the superhero genre, but I can imagine how frustrating it must be trying to find a brother or sister in those pages or on the screen that doesn’t make you cringe.  Just like all media, right?  Still, there must be at least 25 awesome black superheroes and we’re trying to put together a better list.  So come help out.  And then go back to being pissed about Sarah Palin.

11 thoughts on “25 Black Superheroes… are there even that many?”

  1. ncabrera says:

    Leroy “Bruce Leroy” Green – protagonist in “The Last Dragon”

  2. Adam says:


    I am not a consumer or reader in the areas of science fiction books or film. So my perspective will be somewhat narrow:

    I thought Samuel L. Jackson had a rathher commanding presence in the recent Star Wars Trilogy films. My daughter tells me that his purple lightsaber denoted a unique status and power in the Jedi order.

    Will Smith would have been the post-modern Superman known as Neo in the Matrix but he turned down the roll. Someone told that has been the biggest regret of his career so far.

    Lawrence Fishburne did the voiceover for the Silver Surfer in the recent Fantastic Four film.

    I watched some Star Trek (Voyager?) series shows recently and noticed a Vulcan who is black.

    Beyond this I honestly struggle to think of other people of color in superhero roles. Once more, I struggle to think of women of color who have occupied hero roles in Science Fiction. (ABW – perhaps that will be your legacy to Sci-Fi readers?)

    I remember watching Superhero TV shows on Saturday mornings as a child and not thinking anything unusual about cartoon characters who are all white. Obviously, I am more conscious of this a man in his mid-30’s.

    It seems progress is in small increments.

  3. Olaudah says:

    I searched specifically for black superheros months ago to put on my website page for my son, but spent days looking found a site.

    was not quite what I expected.

    So I settled for the real thing. the images were done for a beer company but so wat they are the shizle.


  4. Adam says:


    Does Morgan Freeman as “God” in Bruce and Evan Almighty count?

  5. JAM Renaissance says:

    This list irritated me SO badly that I felt the need to attempt a correction.

    Honorable mentions: Brother Voodoo, Papa Midnight, Icon, Steel (Natasha Irons).

    25. Crimson Avenger (Jill Carlyle):
    24. The Brown Hornet:
    23. Jakeem Thunder:
    22. Night Thrasher:
    21. Goliath (Bill Foster):
    20. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau):
    19. Hardware:
    18. Josiah-X:
    17. The Patriot (Elijah Bradley):
    16. Wise Son:
    15. Cyborg:
    14. Bishop:
    13. Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt):
    12. Steel (John Henry Irons):
    11. War Machine:
    10. Captain America (Isaiah Bradley):
    9. The Falcon:
    8. Black Lightning:
    7. Blade:
    6. Static:
    5. Spawn:
    4. Green Lantern (John Stewart):
    3. Storm:
    2. Black Panther:
    1. Luke Cage:

  6. Nabila says:

    There’s Storm from X-Men; Catwoman; Marie Laveau was turned into a superhero I think for Marvel Comics; Blade (the vampire); the Green Lantern is, on occasion, black; the Black ranger from Power Rangers; Frozone in the Incredibles, Invisible Boy from Mystery Men; Static Shock

    This is an interesting article on the history of black in comics

  7. Bill says:

    Has anyone else read and loved “The Crew”?

  8. jenn says:

    I know this is going to be a strange addition to the list, but I vote for Verb from School House Rock.

    I was actually really affected by seeing this black superhero on Saturday mornings as a kid. He was so cool!

    Verb! That’s What’s Happening!

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  11. becca says:

    forget that! lol

    i’ve put together a list of almost 70 Black FEMALE Superheroes…

    Check it out:

  12. Brotha from the Black Planet says:

    Does anyone out there remember the M.A.N.T.I.S.?

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