Ultra Excited Black Woman

I’m excessively excited right now! I’ll tell you why. For one of the Our Black History posts I was going to do something about my mom who died in 1999. I loved my mom a lot and I miss her every day, so I felt it would be good to do something about her as well as my more distant ancestors. I was particularly interested in hearing stories about her that I didn’t know. I thought it would be nice to speak with her college friends. One of whom is my godmother (whom I haven’t talked to in ages), another is, I think, a well-known and well-respected doctor in Philly, and another is Avery Brooks.

Yes, I do mean A Man Called Hawk Captain Sisko the Emissary Avery Brooks. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get ahold of him. He’s not exactly listed in 411. But I got a call from his wife and she said that he would probably be happy to do an interview with me about mom. Yay! So not only do I get to collect more mom stories, I get to talk to the Emissary!

I mean, a well-respected thespian.

omg Sisko!!

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