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The Blog Police

The Blog PoliceI’m one of the Blog Police, apparently. Violet, in the final nyea-nyea comment on The Difference Between Racism and Sexism surmises that all the people coming over to disagree with her must just be friends of Shannon and all have a history of going around teh Internets and (wrongly) accusing people of racism. We’re like some kind of horrible Blog Police, she says, and therefore none of the very excellent points we raised have to be addressed. And, yeah, comments are still off.

Let’s set aside the fact that I didn’t know Shannon from a pixel on my screen until I came across that discussion. Let’s also set aside the silliness about folks going around randomly throwing accusations of racism wherever they might stick. Let’s instead focus on the new agency that Violet created in her own mind: the Blog Police. Just like the Torchwood Institute, we were born due to the fear and ignorance of a well-meaning white woman. Just like Torchwood, we fight the great menace: Aliens Racism.

I even made us a badge. I couldn’t stop myself.

I like being part of an elite force. Who will we arrest next? Let’s wait and see…

P.S. Feel fee to steal the image. Hell, feel free to make a better version.

P.P.S. The migration from blogger is now over and all went well.

18 thoughts on “The Blog Police”

  1. absorbant says:

    Sorry about my pedantry, but what’s happened to your sense of grammar? Are you an impostor, is what I’m thinkng.

  2. hexy says:


    Did you just get labelled the racial equivelant of an MRA?

    I’d be pissed. :(

  3. hexy says:

    That said, LOVE the badge.

  4. the angry black woman says:

    Grammar is the first to go after midnight. Then spelling. Anywho, fixed.

  5. Ide Cyan says:

    It’s a step up from Blog Vigilantes. Instant legitimacy, yay!

  6. sly civilian says:

    Badges…we don’t need no stinkin’ badges…

    Actually, i think they’re a swell idea. I just couldn’t resist the quote. :)

  7. Bitch | Lab says:

    heh. i hadn’t thought of making a more general one. i couldn’t do much work b/c i’m suffering from bursitis and must take it easy with graphics works. for therapy, ‘coz i was peeved, i just made a “shannon’s friends’ blogbadge.

    this one, though. an official badge.!

  8. Radfem says:


    I love the badge too!

  9. lavendertook says:

    Great badge!

    bint alshamsa’s explanations ruled. That violet mocked the time and care bint alshansa put into writing her 5 comments in a row and wouldn’t engage in her points on violet’s perception of acceptability being clouded by white privilege is just sad.

  10. Sheelzebub says:

    Didja catch the catty little comment about how the level of discussion was “usually” high, but not anymore?

    :::Rolls eyes:::

  11. the angry black woman says:

    Yay for badge love :)

    B|L: Hope you’re feeling better. I have bursitis in my knee. Not fun at all.

    lavendertook: I have always observed that when those who love to pick apart and argue based on nothing are given commentary that they cannot pick apart, they just don’t respond at all. That’s how you can tell you’ve outdone them.

    Sheelzebub: Yeah, I did. All I can say tot hat is her commenters must usually be up with the white priv as well. Obviously no one has ever challenged her but us horrid darkies! Lawsy!

  12. Blackamazon says:

    OH man I m gonna learn how to add pics soon and fix my bloggy up nice and proper like

  13. A.R.Yngve says:

    You can blog whatever you want without a badge. Please reconsider.

    I support your blog, but the faux-police badge sends the wrong message.

  14. the angry black woman says:

    Confused…. what message?

  15. A.R.Yngve says:

    Well… it’s the (admittedly, humorous) implication that the blogosphere needs “policing”. Blogs are about freedom of speech, and you’re doing that just fine… so why introduce the meme that someone ought to be the “police” of bloggers? Just the word carries baggage.

    Just sayin’. It’s not a big deal really.

  16. David Moles says:

    I thought that was kind of the point, really.

  17. A.R.Yngve says:

    Blogging is about communicating with people — sometimes agreeing with them, sometimes not, sometimes changing one’s mind, sometimes not. It can be a struggle, a fight — especially when you try to communicate with bigots and boneheads.

    Where does “policing” enter into it? To be a “cop” is a whole different paradigm.

  18. the angry black woman says:

    I think you’re missing a key element here: that this is a joke. Violet called those of us who came to her post disagreeing with her the “Blog Police” who go around accusing people of racism. Her words.

    I decided to respond to her foolishness by making fun of it. Thus, the badge. I don’t *actually* see myself as any kind of police, nor would I go around to people’s blogs telling them what they can’t say.

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