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This is why reading Failbook is both funny and…

This is why reading Failbook is both funny and depressing… 






Science is not equal to religion.

Hey let’s cut education funding & alienate all of our teachers, and while we’re at it, make teaching such a shitty job that no one wants to do it! I mean it’s obvious our kids are learning things like science just fine, right?


See comment above. 

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3 thoughts on “This is why reading Failbook is both funny and…”

  1. John P. says:

    If there is no God how does it rain? You can’t explain that.

  2. 8mph Ansible says:

    Most definitely requiring a screaming marco/pic stating: “You fail science–FOREVER!!”

  3. GallingGalla says:

    Because, you see, the Sun is God’s fireplace. Haven’t y’all noticed that it’s a great big hearth, burning entire trees at once?

    Oh my G-d, the state of public education today. Is this the kind of crap they’re teaching in the right-winger favored “charter schools”?

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