New York passes Same Sex Marriage bill : 33-29
via neighborhoodr-newyork
YES! I’m sad I didn’t stick around midtown to see this. Super excited that my state legislators made this happen. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, America was a great country before 1965”
— Rick Santorum
Yeah, if you were white, America was off the hook…

…the white man’s Coke was colder

Did you know that German Nazi prisoners of war were treated …

Homoerotic, Interracial Priests selling Ice Cream. 
Happy Friday, everyone.



Let me introduce you to the best advertisement of all time:
Homoerotic, Interracial Priests selling Ice Cream.

The Lord Glenconner left his estate to his manservant 



Lord Glenconner left his multi-million pound estate in St. Lucia to his “manservant”, Kent Adonai, who slept at the foot of his bed for 30 years (since…

U.S. Justice System Disparity Spelled Out In Two Headlines
The image is screencaps of two stories. The first is: 
Ex-Mortgage CEO Sentenced to Prison for $3B Fraud

The CEO of what had been one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage lenders…