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Dan Savage Is A Douchebag


“I’m sorry, bisexual activists, but you’re doing it all wrong. Instead of berating me for my alleged bi-phobia—and if I’m the enemy, you’re in real trouble—berate your closeted compatriots. If they all came out tomorrow, you could put an end to bi-phobia, take over the LGBT movement, and kick my ass out of it.”

Bisexuals by Dan Savage - Seattle Pullout - The Queer Issue: You’re Doing It Wrong - The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper


We don’t have to all come out at take over the movement, but can we please please please team up to kick his ass out?

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Dan Savage=Major Douche.

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Just in case you didn’t realize how big of an asshole Dan Savage really is.

and if I’m the enemy, you’re in real trouble

How fucking full of himself can he get?

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Presented without further comment.  Because honestly, what could I possibly say?

Dan Savage: proving it’s possible to be an activist and an oppressed minority and still wear privilege proudly and be a jerkwad since whenever the fuck he was allowed to write for a publication.

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9 thoughts on “Dan Savage Is A Douchebag”

  1. Havlová says:

    Suspicion reconfirmed. :(

  2. anna says:

    Dan Savage is a sexist asshole too if you ask me.

    Every Dan Savage column:

    Q: Oh Dan how can I keep my boyfriend?

    A: Be GGG and cheerfully enthusiastically do whatever he wants in bed and never have boundaries and never say no. Otherwise you’re a frigid bitch and he’s totally justified in cheating on you and/or dumping you.

  3. Casey says:

    Yup, now I got a whole list of everything and everyone Dan Savage is a douche to:

    Bisexuals, asexuals, women, black people, fat people, people in poly-amorous and/or open relationships and rape survivors. >_<

    1. Whirlwitch says:

      Also trans people.

    2. JMS says:

      Dan Savage is actually even more of a douche to people in monogamous relationships than he is a douche to people in poly relationships and open relationships that aren’t done exactly the way he and his husband do them.

      You also forgot trans people and genderqueer people.

      1. JMS says:

        Not said to police your remembering, just to highlight the true SCOPE and COMPLEXITY of Dan Savage’s doucherie! He works in douche like lesser artists work in marble.

  4. the_tortoise says:

    I’m quoting a portion of a comment from the original article. I think it sums up Dan Savage’s myopia-via-upper-class-white-privilege quite nicely.

    “In spite of being gay, Dan, you’ve really led rather a charmed life so far. If you’d been abused as a child, if you were a person of color, if you had major health problems, if you hadn’t happened to fall into the job of your dreams, then your life would be more of a challenge than it is right now, and you might not have enough strength to deal with your other challenges AND being out.”

    It’s really sad, because I’m sure deep in his heart Savage probably thinks that he is a liberal/progressive/open-minded guy even though his own words are the perfect evidence to the contrary.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have dealt with him in person, and found him to be insufferably rude, short-sighted, and definitly sexist. I cringe for those who actually turn to him for advice.

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