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Thank You, British Empire… For Being Dicks


“20. While we recognise the Aboriginal people as the first people of Australia, we encourage them to accept our Government’s apology and invite them to issue a statement of thanks for the good that the British heritage has brought to our nation.”

Welcome to Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian!

I am disgusted and horrified and… I just have no words.

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You mean like extinctions, invasive species, institutional racism, and the introduction of infectious diseases that the decimate the local indigenous population.

That’s a pretty flexible definition of “good”, whitey!

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What Tariq said.

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Thirding Tariq.

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I was drinking while I read that, and almost spit-taked when I got to “and invite them to issue a statement of thanks for the good that the British heritage has brought to our nation.” Hows about… you stfu? Seriously. An apology like that isn’t a real apology. Seriously, how many times have you been in a situation where there was serious wrong doing, and the other party says “I’m sorry, but…” or a stupid “I’m sorry you feel that way.” That’s what this is. FU, seriously. You started off nice, recognizing them and apologizing, and then you FAILED on the follow-through by trying to justify what you’ve done by all the “good” that has come of it since.

Be careful thanking the British for all their help. It can sometimes backfire


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3 thoughts on “Thank You, British Empire… For Being Dicks”

  1. Barbara McGrady says:

    Not suprised. Just another right wing, ignorant, racist party trying to establish themselves. Bastards!!

  2. Digital Coyote says:

    What are are they expecting them to say?

    “Damn, we’re really sorry to have overlooked the good stealing our land, abuse, deplorable living conditions, rampant racism, shortened life expectancies, periodic destruction of our homes through mob violence, rape, syphilis, and your attempts to bolster your own economies by abducting us for use as domestics while trying to ‘breed the black out of’ us to help evolve us as people has done and is still doing us.

    Oh. And the fence you built to keep the rabbits out.

    That was awesome sauce.”



    I’m seriously glad I got over my desire to see that country when I found about the quota system and how they treat people that sorta look like me over there.

  3. Angel H. says:

    I still think “Thank You, White People” would make an awesome YouTube video.

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