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Gail Simone appears to have some Issues.

Gail Simone appears to have some Issues.

In addition to the tweet above — which reads “All those damn attractive Chinese people with their delicious food and wonderful culture! #Iambadatracism” — there’s also this to contend with:

Gail Simone Refridgerator Tweet

“I don’t care WHY you killed The Wasp, I’m just glad you DID @BRIANMBENDIS. #womenwhodeserverefrigerators”

(from remnantof as well.)

I don’t know much about Gail Simone, not being a comics reader. But these tweets tell me that I wouldn’t trust her with characters of color and would give any female characters under her pen the serious side eye.

Wikipedia says she’s the current writer for Wonder Woman.


Guess I won’t be reading that anytime soon.






having not yet found the tweet in question, i offer up this gross example of exoticism in which Simone gets a form of racial oppression completely right, and pretty much sums up how i and others feel she deals with people and characters of color.

[tweet by Gail Simone: “All those damn attractive Chinese people with their delicious food and wonderful culture! #Iambadatracism” — Actually, not so much. :( ]

It’s here.

Oh, sorry, I think remnantof means this tweet about #womenwhodeserverefrigerators. And all this fallout from it and other things Simone’s done. ::sigh::


OK bedtime for me then! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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2 thoughts on “Gail Simone appears to have some Issues.”

  1. Debi Linton says:

    She’s done a lot of apologizing and talking about the fallout on her own tumblr – I’m not trying to excuse the tweets themselves, but she’s owned up to the fuck-up, and sometimes it’s important to recognise this.

    Apology for the most recent tweet.

    Apology (and explanation) for the Wasp stuff.

    And a point of information – she is not the current writer on Wonder Woman, but on Birds of Prey and Secret Six.

  2. S. Segal says:

    It may be worth noting that Simone promptly and sincerely apologized for her crack about the Wasp once it was pointed out to her that it was in poor taste to conflate her personal dislike for the “classic” Wasp character (who, incidentally, unlike the “Ultimate” version of the character, was not a character of color but a thorougly WASPy heiress; it is the old white Wasp that Simone was hating on) with the feminist “women in refrigerators” trope that she herself started. Simone was tossing snark without thinking it through, and after she got slapped for it, she admitted she was wrong to do so.

    (I’m not a Simone follower, but I was a longtime Marvel fan.)

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