Rape Culture 101


Rape Culture 101:
After I was date-raped, I had to explain to the authorities:
-what outfit I wore
-what I drank
-what I ate
-what I said
-if I crossed my legs
-how I laughed
-if I laughed
-the makeup I wore
-what underwear I wore

April 25th IS The Perfect Date

April 25th IS The Perfect Date



I have been waiting all year to post this.

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Tyler Perry’s little outburst at Spike Lee has shown up so many times in my newsfeed that I finally broke down and read about the press conference and then this letter he posted on his website called “They Are Trying To Kill Madea!”1 My first thought: Well, I certainly hope so. But, you know, I […]

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Five Different Types Of Racism Explained: lipsbetweenthehips:

Something About The Subject Makes It Hard To Name by Gloria Yamato (1991)

She argues that there are five main types of racism, each equally as detrimental as the next:
Aware/Blatant Rac…