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The Spinster Aunt is fired for bringing my attention to this…

The Spinster Aunt is fired for bringing my attention to this mess:

You know the Sensitive Dudes? They’re the New Age version of Nice Guys, dudes who act all “we understand you, O Mighty Sky-Woman of the Sun” so they can whip off a piece, right?

So in this video, a bunch of sensitive dudes who “honor the spirituality of the divine feminine” and “the intuitive sense you have to heal our planet” and “your deep connection to the earth” apologize on behalf of their “gender.” Although they haven’t personally done anything bad themselves, they acknowledge that burning witches at the stake and prostituting women and raping them and impoverishing them over the ages may have driven a wedge in between us. They’re real sorry. Now let’s all move forward together toward a “new era of procreation.”

You will experience an exceptional ick-spasm when they start “honoring the beauty and integrity of your body” and explaining that “the grip of lust” and the “unconscious masculine” — you gotta love that it’s unconscious — makes men act like assholes. Naturally this part is illustrated by images of prostituted women.

Warning: comments are full of fail are on YouTube (thus full of fail).

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4 thoughts on “The Spinster Aunt is fired for bringing my attention to this…”

  1. Sun Dawtah says:

    Correction (from one angry black womyn to another), images of prostituted women of color!

  2. Witchsistah says:

    Chile, WTF was THAT load of hot-ass, insincere mess?!

    Ya wanna honor “the divine feminine” that is supposedly within each and every woman out there, there are plenty of organizations that need volunteers and donations that will help to do just that. There’s shit you can actually DO in your daily life that gets that message out there. But see, that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more work than talkin’ some ol bullsh8t on YouTube.

    Oh, and women are not essentially anything. I know women who are NOT “natural” nurturers nor are in tune with their bodies. Not all women are peacemakers. Plenty are perfectly willing to be cruel to others, as they shown throughout human history. Just because I have a vag and boobs does not mean I’m some earth-mother type. Hell, I like my manicures and fashion and electric, digital do-dads like most other First World folks.

    The first step is to stop essentializing women, stop putting controlling labels on us. And that is what that video did. It just exchanged bad labels for allegedly “good ones.” They’re still controlling though and still send messages to women that this is what we’d BETTER be if we want respect from men.

    And they really need to quit that “unconscious masculinity” mess. Men very consciously did the dirt they did. People made choices and then acted on those choices. This is like some “the devil made me do it” or “boys will be boys” crap.

  3. Cinnamondiva says:

    Thank you a million times, Witchsistah.

    That stuff is completely wack. And I agree…although I am a peacemaker and somewhat of an earthy type, I know plenty women who aren’t.

    I’m not mad about it. I simply shake my head at the nonsense in this world.

  4. Philip Weiss says:

    I believe they say “new era of co-creation” not “new era of procreation”.

    Still ick.

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