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Shakesville on Ted Kennedy

Senator Edward Kennedy was a tough guy. He was smart, tenacious, opinionated, strong in body, mind, and spirit. And I think because he was such a tough guy, he won’t mind if I don’t share my real and uncensored thoughts on the occasion of his passing.

Teddy, as he was known, was privileged, in every sense of the word. And he made liberal use of his privilege, in ways I admired and ways I did not. The terrible bargain we all seem to have made with Teddy is that we overlooked the occasions when he invoked his privilege as a powerful and well-connected man from a prominent family, because of the career he made using that same privilege to try to make the world a better place for the people dealt a different lot.

Twice, Teddy did despicable things with his privilege, very publicly.

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Also: co-signed.

2 thoughts on “Shakesville on Ted Kennedy”

  1. jenn says:

    That pretty much wraps it up well. Nothing more to be said really. Teddy was complicated…and he will be missed. RIP Senator Kennedy.

  2. Melissa McEwan says:

    Thanks muchly for the link, ABW!

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