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In which school has begun, and your linkmistress managed to lose her links.

So on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I found a bounty of links and added them to my blog in a private post. Except that the computer doesn’t like me, and when I looked them up tonight, said links were nowhere to be found. Which means that Part two of my series on women athletes will have to be delayed while I track down those links and force my brain to stopping playing around and help me set up a coherent post. I am so so sorry to disappoint you all. I was looking forward to posting the interesting stuff that I picked up. *sigh*

In the interim, there’s a seven part series by Bloomberg called Recipe for Famine, which highlights the famine that affected over 30 countries last year.

Dead Children Linked to U.S. Aid Policy in Africa Favoring American Firms The bag of green peas, stamped “USAID From the American People,” took more than six months to reach Haylar Ayako.

How Famine Lurked Behind Vienna Taittinger Toast Where Joe Cocker Crooned Guests clinked flutes of Taittinger in Vienna’s Hofburg Imperial Palace, toasting Russian fertilizer company OAO Uralkali after eight price increases in 18 months.

World Bank’s `Wrong Advice’ on Free Trade Left Poor Countries’ Silos Empty Inside and out, the rusted towers of El Salvador’s biggest grain silo show how the World Bank helped push developing countries into the global food crisis.

Government Bribes in Cameroon Divert Cash From Farmers Amid Riots for Food Mbanda Leo Ganglii, like any farmer in Cameroon, must contend with roads that turn to mud in the rainy season and fertilizer prices he can’t afford. And then there is government corruption.

Wasting Enough Rice to Feed 184 Million Is Worldwide Habit Only Rats Love Inside his northern Philippines granary, Marlon Ventura stirs gray zinc phosphide into a bowl of boiled rice, making a garlicky, toxic meal for rats.

Corn Futures Spark Food Riots as Speculators Take Chicago Trading to Limit Luis Mesalles marks March 10 as the day that changed his opinion on profiteering and the price of food.

Eating Isn’t Option When Corn in Minnesota Burns in Houston Gasoline Tanks Mike Vis hooks a pump to a grain silo in Minnesota and siphons out enough of his corn to feed 91 people for a year. This batch will fuel vehicles in Houston for 21 seconds.

Have a great weekend!