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Buy Some Stuff in the Meantime

The holidays are a crazy busy time for me because I work for a fashion magazine and, of course, we’re spending all of our time trying to get people to buy things. It’s the kind of work that makes me hate the holidays. It also accounts for my light posting, for which I apologize. I’ll get back to being regular once the new year begins. Though I will still put something up every few days.

In the spirit of the season, today’s post is all about getting you to buy things. I know, I am a mess, right? But at least I admit it.

This is what a black feminist looks like - In association with

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the angry black person in your life, click on over to my Zazzle store, where you’ll find many pieces of clothing to buy. What I love about Zazzle is that you can get the image or words on ANY item of clothing they have. So, even though there’s a guy inside the “Stop Embarrassing Me!” shirt, you can just as easily stick that on a onesie and give it to your niece. They have a variety of clothes and colors to choose from. I am just partial to black.

baby ABW - In association with

I was very amused when Zazzle started putting actual models inside of the t-shirts. For most of the different styles there is a black person to choose from, which I liked. Some still only have a white person, thus there are some white faces in my gallery. I tried to make them as amusing as possible.

Black People, Stop Embarrassing Me - In association with

So, if you’re looking to proclaim your angry blackness to the world, I have a shirt for that. If you want to tell people to stop touching your hair, I have about a million different shirts that say Don’t Touch My Hair! with different stuff on the back. And one shirt where it says Don’t on the back (for those jerks that come up from behind). I also still have the shirts that tell you what a black feminist looks like. And a few more.

According to my email, you can get 2-Day shipping for the same price as ground shipping through the 20th. And they sometimes give you a coupon for a little bit off when you purchase something. If you get one, share it in the comments.

Go forth and buy. Yes, I do get a wee little bit of money when you do. I hope no one objects. And if clothing isn’t your thing, you can always head over to Amazon. I know I would.

3 thoughts on “Buy Some Stuff in the Meantime”

  1. ephelba says:

    I’ve been tempted to buy the “This is what a black feminist looks like” shirt just to be funny. Then I thought people would take it seriously and think I was saying there’s no such thing as a black feminist. Then I thought there was too much thinking involved and went to get some coffee. Hope they sell well:)

  2. the fruitfemme says:

    The “Don’t Touch My Hair/ DON’T” shirt is hilarious. LOL.

  3. Nina says:

    And now I feel really uncreative because I knitted mittens and hats for the black people in my life. (Actually, all of the people in my life are getting knitware for Christmas). (Also the black people in my life are mostly just irritated and sassy rather than angry).

    (I love your blog).

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