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White privilege Google search

One of the things I love to do is look at the search terms people use to get to this site. It helps to explain why certain posts get a lot of hits, but it’s also an interesting sketch of the collective Internet psyche. My two posts on hair are consistently themost popular on the blog. Good Hair, Kinky Hair is first, probably because there are so many searches like this:

long hair for black women
hair relaxed look without relaxer
kinky hair
How do black people get their hair to lo
how often should a black person wash the (wordpress cuts off search strings over a certain length)
ways to maintain black women hair
relaxer touch up black hair purpose
i relaxed my own hair but it didn’t come
stop black hair from smelling (???)

And then there are these weird searches with vaguely sexist and/or racist overtones:

why are women so mean and hateful to eac
cute black women fighting
blackwoman fucking white men
why are black women so mean
why are black people always angry
why women looks for a reason to be angry
ETA: How many sexual partners does the average black woman have over a lifetime?

Some are just funny:

black woman screaming
john mcwhorter sellout
50 things to win a woman’s heart
women who get angry as opposed to sad
crazy shit caught on tape

There are several, which I will not post, relating to rape. Enough of them to really make me worry about people on the Internet and what they’re looking for.

Anyway, I’d love to know what kind of search strings you other bloggers get. Are they funny, disturbing, or pretty much what you’d expect?

2 thoughts on “Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe”

  1. petitpoussin says:

    I get a lot of the usual sex/celebrity searches… but recently a lot of people searching for cavalier spaniel puppies have been coming to my blog. Random!

  2. Zee Harrison says:

    I agree with you so much. Having recently started a blog I am amazed how much tripe is available out there if you put in any searches regarding ‘black people’. Even Google adsense ads seem to show: ‘hot black dates’ and the like. I’m working on this one as it is not the image I want my blog to have.
    Enjoying your writing. Keep up the good work.
    Regards, Zee.

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