What the hell happened to ABW?

Uh… life? Sickness, laziness, the holidays, travel, more sickness, more holidays, work, family, stuff.

I’m back. Sorry!

Also going to clean up the ocmments this week. Jesus, you leave for 4 months and it all falls apart.

What kicked me into posting again? This:

New Trend?: The Hair Petting Game

So what is the hair petting game? The girls in the video demonstrate by walking around Manhattan and secretly petting the hair of strangers when they are walking behind them. A risky move! And one we hope does not catch on.

What is it with White women and other people’s hair??

and this:

Subway Delays Caused by Ladies on Diets

amNew York finds out that women fainting from their crash diets are a leading cause of subway delays. Really. While things like the flu and hangovers describe some sick passengers that the MTA’s Sick Customer Response Team tends to, the SCRT EMTs mostly see fainting thanks to dieting.

Both via Gothamist.

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  • SMH @ that video
    A while back, you talked about your esperience at Miss Jessie’s. You might have heard already, but just in case I wanted to say that Miko is no longer there. She is now in DC. You can contact her through

  • Wow.


    When I jab a hair petter in the face with my elbow, I’ll make sure I “play it off” and not react.

    Why are black people so angry all the time? Oh it’s probably some dumb shit you did, white girl.

  • Carly: Thanks for the tip! I’m letting all my DC friends know. And I’ll do what I can to promote her once she gets settled.

    Stop the Presses: I like that plan. But some pepper spray in the face might be even more fun.

    “Why are black people so angry all the time? Oh it’s probably some dumb shit you did, white girl.”

    Please allow me to quote you!

  • Please do!! I’d be honored!!

  • white girl hair obsessions.. yea, i get it all the time “wow is you hair real? how did you do that? can i touch it?” i hope them hair petters come home with lice one day..

  • That video is hilarious. What were they thinking? I often wonder about white people…
    and about the train delays,
    well I live in London and when something happens to cause a train delay they announce what happened specifically (i.e. “sever delays on the northern line because of a sick passenger,” or “because of a passenger stuck underneath a train). So it would be that much more entertaining if they announced “severe delays because a woman on a diet fainted.”) lmao.

  • Blackamazon

    SO glad your back and I’d kill emm . That’s jsut not funny its rude and disrespectful

  • Oh my goodness! I can’t believe the audacity of these idiots! Have they really never heard of cross-contamination? If I caught someone doing this I would be absolutely livid.

  • Thanx for the love, Blackamazon :) And yes, i agree. What possesses them to thinkt hat this is an acceptable activity? Clearly NYC has warped their minds.

  • Hey ABW, everyone over at Comics Curmudgeon misses you, and we all hope you come back soon. Meanwhile, I am blown away by the stupidity of the people in this video. The mind boggles.

  • aww, thanks Dub! I have been avoiding that site because of the time sink factor, but I think I have a handle on my schedule now (finally) and can come participate again.

  • What I want to know is how BORED do you have to be to think up a foolish ‘game’ like that? Or stupid?

    On a brighter note – ABW, I’m so glad you’re back!

  • Ann

    White Woman:

    “Can I pet your hair?”

    Black Woman:

    Do you realize how restraining 6′ of dirt is packed in your face?”