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Paula J. Harris, Creator and Producer of Groove Parlor…

Paula J. Harris, Creator and Producer of Groove Parlor TV

Groove Parlor, an urban entertainment program featuring R&B, hip-hop and acid jazz, showcases music videos and interviews by established and emerging artists, as well as spotlights on local acts and DJs. …

Groove Parlor’s creator and producer is Paula J. Harris, whose accolades include the top prize in the 1993 Sony Innovator Awards’ “Documentary” category. Her work has also been featured in numerous festivals and screenings. Most recently, Harris’ documentary What Ever Happened to the Dream? (a look at the Civil Rights Movement from the hip-hop generation’s viewpoint) was featured at Chicago’s DuSable Museum of African-American History during Black History Month.

… Harris is currently in pre-production with a third documentary, which will focus on the history of house music.


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