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I’ve decided this is a special political edition of Punk’d

Why? Well remember that rape kit story? Yeah, so it turns out Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams. She actually cut the funding for the city to pay for it herself! WTF?! Tell me again how she’s a feminist? Tell me again how electing her would be good for women? Even if you take reproductive rights completely off the table, you’re still left with her willingness to set up this awful policy. And in my opinion there is absolutely no way you can spin this to make it acceptable or understandable. I know it probably seems like all that’s happening on this blog is Palin updates, but that’s just because the idea of her in a national political office is enough to make me angry every day.

15 thoughts on “I’ve decided this is a special political edition of Punk’d”

  1. Mack N.O.L.A. says:

    This woman is a bat case. Since her announcement there has been SO much tomfoolery coming out about her. She makes my uterus cringe.

  2. Foxessa says:

    More than this, as bad as this cutting funds for rape investigations and rape kits is, there is this:

    Mr. Governor Palin running things — not so much behind the scenes:

    Here in the NY Times, even — gasp! The NY Times running a story that isn’t so flattering to the Regime’s Fair-Haired Family? (OTH, the NY Times ain’t so great about anything, really, if it has to do with not supporting the Corporaristocrats.

  3. molly w. says:

    I am a liberal Democrat and Obama supporter, and I think the left needs to lay off Palin. Piling on the criticism — whether it’s deserved or not — makes us seem negative at best and condescending at worst.

    Obama can win this, IF we shut up and get out of his way and let him win it. Put the focus back on our candidate’s strengths, not on the opposition.

    Seriously, I am a lurker who never, ever posts, and I know it’s bad form to come into your blog and tell you what (not) to post, but I am so damn scared we’re gonna shoot ourselves in the foot and lose this one.

  4. Abydosangel says:


    McLame will object to our children being taught about predators, Painlin will make sure that they pay for the rape kit before they are forced to carry their attacker’s babies to term.

    Nice job there for candidates, Rove.

    Good to see that he and the GOP in general are full of fail.

  5. karnythia says:


    If people come away from valid criticism of a candidate determined to think it’s sour grapes and thus vote against their own interests? They weren’t interested in the truth in the first place.

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  8. molly w. says:

    I’ll agree that people aren’t interested in the truth — but I think that’s missing the point.

    Think of it as a job interview: If you were applying for a job, and you knew the other applicant for the position, would you go in and spend your interview time telling them how bad the other applicant would be, and pointing out the flaws in his or her resume and where s/he lied on it? Or would you focus on your own strengths?

    If you *did* spend the whole time focusing on the other applicant’s flaws, it wouldn’t matter that what you said was true; it wouldn’t matter that you had a stronger resume than the other candidate.

  9. jenn says:

    Question: Tell me again how she’s a feminist?

    Answer: She’s not.

  10. Bree says:

    This woman downright scares me with her extreme thinking and her refusal to accept separation of church and state. This mindset partially helped to create an eight-year mess which will take probably longer to fix, and now there’s a chance Palin’s charisma and pandering to frightened radical fundamentalists, will help to put McCain in the White House.

    When will the majority of Americans learn to stop voting with their Bibles and start voting with their brains?

  11. Adam says:

    Hi Molly W.,

    Ditto what Karnythia said.

    And I do see your point, Molly. The mainstream media will actually cherry pick blogs and read some of the comments people make. The entires are being read to millions of the viewing public. Blogs and their contributors are fair game like newspaper editorials and columnists now. Good ‘ol Fox News actually has a segment once a week where one of their journalists reads entries from the “political left bloggers”.

  12. truth says:

    Might not be the best place for this, but:

  13. Renee says:

    She is far from a feminist yet the right is attacking claimng it is because we have a narrow view of feminism. She can declare herself the queen of England but that does not make her so. Paln is a woman, but she is no femnist.

  14. Foxessa says:

    That argument about increasing the poor Caribou depleted so badly by big bad wolf packs so that the poor deprived Inuit can eat is the line that Queen Bee Narcissist has put out.

    I got an e-mail this a.m. from an Alaskan friend, who is also a reporter for one of the state’s dailies. He concludes the e-mail thusly:

    We are so sorry we inflicted Sarah Palin upon America, and we really, really hope Obama wins so she can get back to her moose hunting. Everything you imagined and think you know about Sarah? It’s worse. Trust us on this.

    Love, C.

  15. butchsly says:


    love yer blog, btw.

    Sarah Palin is not a feminist. She is a far-right zealot in a skirt who will work harder for the man to enable patriarchy than any male would. She is the perfect “lady”. That’s it. That’s all.

    Delivering a manufactured speech sarcastically and with great fervor, which does nothing more than condemn Obama, does not a worthy leader or feminist make. She is simply a reflection of those who would vote for her… and that is truly frightening.


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