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5 thoughts on “Unknown Female With Awesome Hair”

  1. Keryn says:

    That’s Kelly Moriera with Ford Models.

  2. lavendertook says:

    She is so gorgeous!!!

  3. john macadam says:

    disappointingly, you have mostly chosen black women who aren’t that dark or look very westernised.

    1. The Angry Black Woman says:

      1 – I chose a lot of American women, who are generally of mixed race. I also chose a lot of actresses and famous women, and thus the sampling tacks toward a certain kind of look.

      2 – I didn’t choose all of these women. For example: the one in this post.

      3 – We’re doing this all week, we have tons of time.

      4 – If you’re not seeing the full range of beautiful black women you’d like to see here, suggest some. I’ve said multiple times that I’d love to get submissions from others because I certainly don’t know about every beautiful black woman on the planet. Instead of complaining, contribute.

  4. untitleme says:

    Wow!! Kelly Moriera is gorgeous!!

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