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An insider’s look at Palin’s qualifications or…is the horse dead yet?

A reader of my LiveJournal linked me to “A letter from someone who has known Sarah Palin since 1992” which (unsurprisingly) is not casting her in a favorable light as a prospective leader. The tone of the letter has been questioned repeatedly, and all I can say is that while Anne Kilkenny may have a personal axe to grind; a little Googling shows that she’s using facts to grind it. I’ll let you guys pick the letter apart on your own and decide what you think of Palin after reading it.

Karnythia is a writer, a historian, and occasionally a loud mouth. In between raising hell and raising kids she usually manages to find time to contemplate the meaning of life as a black woman in America. Her posts on any topic can be found at her Livejournal.

8 thoughts on “An insider’s look at Palin’s qualifications or…is the horse dead yet?”

  1. Mary says:

    How many “Gates” have come out since Palin was selected?

    Calling rival “bitch” and “cancer” gate
    Husband in a secessionist party-gate
    Made McCain’s pork-barrel spending list-gate
    Got Wasilla $20 million in debt-gate
    Doesn’t actually do anything with the National Guard-gate
    Went to 5 schools in 6 years-gate
    Didn’t get her passport until 2007-gate
    “Has foreign policy experience because Alaska is next to Russia” gate
    “I don’t know much about Iraq” gate
    “What exactly does the VP do?”-gate

    Some of these, like the pregnant daughter and the multiple schools, I don’t necessarily judge. But taken all together… McCain has absolutely lost his mind to pick this woman. Absolutely lost it.

    And I’m not even getting started on the double standards here.

  2. Adam says:

    Here is what I think: If the letter is accurate, it would seem that Palin has had plenty of training and experience to do well in Washington. (Note: Doing well in Washington is not the same as competency in leadership.)

  3. Foxessa says:

    No Press Questions Or Meetings To Be Allowed With sp, according to the rnc.


    Ooooh, big girl with big gun is afraid of the press.

    That’s red meat for the press, and you know what happens when the press smells blood.

    Sp’s so convenient with that great big family — she’s a got a family member to appeal to every special interest: special needs child, son AND nephew going to Iraq (they won’t be going into combat if their mom and aunt makes it to D.C. though), adolescent daughter who ‘got into trouble,’ a sister who started a new biz (which evidently sp had a 25% share in and they went bust or something — maybe it was a different biz, a car wash that wasn’t the gas station sp stated?), husband in the erl biz and total sportsman, they all have guns and shoot them. They just don’t have anybody that fits into the LBGT slot. Dang. But the young ‘uns have time yet ….

    Is that a fair remark? Considering how they’ve put that family front and center as THE REASON SP IS QUALIFIED FOR THE OVAL OFFICE, why yes, it is fair to itemize how appealing they are to the voters.

    Love, C.

  4. PseudoAdrienne says:

    If you ever imagined G.W.Bush (or even Rove or Cheney) with two X-chromosomes instead of an XY, well then vote for McBush and hope he resigns so Palin can take the Oval Office, and then all of your night-terrors shall become a reality. She is every bit as incompetent, arrogant, hypocritical, with a flippant ignorance-is-bliss expression, a perfect specimen of the GOP and the neocon-agenda, as the Manchild-in-Chief. Just different chromosomes this time around. But hey, the GOP is all about diversity this time! (eye-roll) McBush might as well have just gone all the way and picked Phyllis Schlafly.

  5. metahara says:

    Palin can spin and spit out Right wing propaganda as well as the next one.
    She can deliver misogyny on a pretty, pink platter. She serves it to the masses with a smile and a wink, allowing them to deepen their prejudice against our gender.
    Palin is the perfect running mate, the perfect puppet if he dies and she becomes president.
    Perfect for the Republican party.

    Now, lets continue to support our female leaders in the hopes that they too will be so unabashedly forthright about their beliefs.
    No one needs to appear demure anymore.
    It’s time female Democrats stand up to Palin and the Republican machine.

  6. rawdawgbuffalo says:

    these folks aint really saying nothing about the issues, Obma is a little tiny bit, but it seems like Palin and McCain just mantra stealing when they need to talk about N. Korea rebuilding nukes like North Korea has fallen off the map

  7. Asada says:

    That has been debunked ppl!

  8. karnythia says:

    Actually Asada a quick check of Snopes & NPR would let you know that the letter is real and that Anne Kilkenny has even granted a couple of interviews.

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