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Fantasy, Reality, & ‘Ism’s

In the wake of the Fuck You Jim Butcher post a lot of the “It’s fantasy, don’t get offended” rhetoric is circulating again. Nothing new, but I’m a little perplexed by the argument that using real racial slurs (like Injun or Tar Baby) for fictional

Clarion West Write-a-thon 2011

Newer readers of this blog may not be aware that, in addition to being angry and black and female, I also write fiction. Science fiction and fantasy, in particular. Several years ago I attended a 6-week intensive writing workshop called Clarion West, which is an

Can we help the kickass Sistah Vegan out?

xposted From: Vegans of Color Sister Vegan needs help finishing her Phd Sistah Vegan Needs Help to Finish Her PhD from Sistah Vegan on Vimeo. xposted Has anyone bought her book? Would you to write a review? Drop me a comment please? In this video

Entertain us!!!

Brazilian fantasy action flick Besouro available to watch at this link If you need a reminder… the story goes… As essentially an action movie set in 1920s Bahia, and based on the life of a legendary capoeirista from Bahia who uses the power of Candomble

The Day After Osama

My Osama bin Laden-free life appears no different than before. Except today I was a little more worried about coming into work. I live in NYC, my office is two blocks below Times Square, and I have to take the subway. The only bright side