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Category Archives: ABW’s TV Corner

ABW’s TV Corner – Heroes

Someone requested a post on Heroes and I had planned to do one way back at the season finale, just never got around to it. I am very excited about season 2 and hope that it’s even better than season 1. Though S1 was great,

ABW’s TV Corner – Eureka

So yesterday I watched Tuesday’s episode of Eureka and, I have to say, it was an example of some of the worst writing I’ve ever seen on that show. Normally I can forgive some meh dialogue and a plot point that doesn’t quite work for

TV Week on the blog

I have a bunch of posts that I wanted to write about TV shows and race and gender and I had this silly idea of spreading them out over the summer as I completed them.  This pipe dream did not come true.  And since the

ABW’s TV Corner – Finale Season part 1

It’s the end of May and most of my favorite shows are winding up for the season. I would be depressed about this except networks recently figured out that people don’t take a break from the tube in the summer anymore, so they often bring

ABW’s TV Corner – Family Guy

I like blogging about TV, I’ve discovered, and I’ll probably do it once a week or so as time goes by. I’m just doing a bunch at once because, as I said, I felt like a little break would be fun. Then again, this one

ABW’s TV Corner – Doctor Who

I decided that we needed a bit of lighter fare around here. TV blogging is more fun, even if it’s all about teh race and gender. Plus, you never know if the Hathor Legacy folks are watching… This post contains some spoilers, but not major