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Dear women that don’t like getting catcalled at:





shut the fuck up and enjoy it.

Just because it’s not a prettily-worded, fancy-pants compliment from some hoity-toity asshole doesn’t mean they don’t think you look good.

So take that rod out of that bodacious ass of yours and love it.

yeah how about no

Because “you look nice today” is REALLY FRICKIN TOUGH TO VOCALIZE. It’s four words, dude. But cat calls reduce our value to mere objects—we’re only valuable and noticable by you because we are attractive or turn you on. It also devalues yourself, because you’re reducing the extent of your own depth and ability to react down to “hurr hurr, pritty gurl, my penis like.” I’d like to think guys have WAY more going on (and for them) other than “I’d like to put my penis in it.” Cos, dear reader, that can easily be solved for a nominal fee with the purchase of a Fleshlight. Just saying.

Three things.

1. Fuck you.

2. You obviously don’t get that the problem here isn’t how they say it, it’s that they said it at all. You want to judge women’s looks in your head? Fine. But keep that shit to yourself because women don’t want to hear it.

3. Fuck you.

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One thought on “Dear women that don’t like getting catcalled at:”

  1. John P. says:

    Fuck him and the computer he came in on.

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