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Help The Cheerleader

Help The Cheerleader :


Fund set up to help the cheerleader who was not only thrown off her high school’s squad for REFUSING TO CHEER FOR HER RAPIST, but saw the case against her school thrown out of court as “frivolous” and was ordered to pay her high school $45,000 in legal fees.

That’s right.  She was raped and now she has to pay her school $45,000 because she DARED to be upset about it.

This fund is helping to raise the $45,000 and, hopefully, to raise awareness of the treatment of rape victims in our society, both socially and legally.  People wonder why victims don’t call the police when they’ve been raped?  Well, gee, maybe it’s because if you do tell someone about it, you’re met with scorn, derision and disbelief, while the criminal is protected.

This is NOT OKAY.  It doesn’t matter if the victim is a cheerleader, a mother, 11-years old, 65 years old, a virgin, a sex worker, cis, trans, or any other of the numerous distinctions we can make between each other.  THIS.  IS.  NOT.  OKAY.

Jesus, this makes me want to throw up. What is wrong with the school and the courts? (I’m also wondering if she has any recourse for going to a higher court. Is the ACLU involved?)

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