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Random Bits Of Excellent News

People often tell me that they had no idea from reading posts here on the ABW that I also write fiction and have a secret second life. And I often forget that people here may not even follow my other blog, so I don’t always cross post certain news that I really should. In an effort to end this silliness, here are two bits of news you may enjoy knowing about.

You may have missed it amongst all the footnotes, but I am a contributor to Chicks Dig Time Lords, which was nominated for a Hugo.

My essay is on Martha Jones and how much I love her and how I felt that she was ill-used by the show and its creators. I poked over to Amazon recently to read the reviews and saw this:

…the meta I most loved was K. Tempest Bradford’s “Martha Jones: Fangirl Blues”, which utterly glows with its love for Martha, and its rage at the unfolding of her story. Reading it made me want to dance, first with the book, and then with my Martha doll. That alone was worth what I paid for the book.

Squee! I’ve gotten some really wonderful feedback from fans on my essay, and it warms my heart every time. I loved many of the other essays in this book and I hope if you’re a Doctor Who fan you’ll pick it up. I also hope if you’re a Hugo voting type you will throw some love our way (if you feel it is deserved, of course).

One side note: I was talking to Lynne’s husband at last year’s WisCon and he said he owns all or nearly all non-fiction that’s ever been published about Doctor Who. He informed me that he believes I may be the first person of color to have published a non-fiction piece about the show. This could be completely wrong, but what if he’s right?

Don’t worry, Karnythia and I have hatched plans to ensure that I am not alone for long.

Another bit of excellent news: one of my stories is being reprinted in this book:

Happily Ever After, edited by John Klima. Click here for the full TOC and you’ll see why I’m double excited to be in this. So many amazing, amazing fantasy writers are in here as well. People I’ve admired and been influenced by and had the pleasure to meet and, in many cases, become friends with. It’s awesome to be in such company. Also: fabulous cover, just like Chicks!

Also, if you’re ever interested in reading my fiction, my bibliography is here. There are several stories available for free online. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, I have a self-published novelette on my site now that’s only 99 cents (it’s an eBook).

One thought on “Random Bits Of Excellent News”

  1. John P. says:

    Martha Jones was always my favorite companion (favorite character second only to David Tennant as the Doctor). She was just so much more… competent compared to other characters. Donna Noble was cool too but nothing compares to the awesome that was Martha Jones (a real doctor none the less).
    If an emergency happened Martha always knew what to do, how to act appropriately, and when to admit she needed help.

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