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things I would like to say to some (privileged, whiny) people



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  • Being an asshole doesn’t make you sophisticated, edgy, a courageous warrior against the oppression of political correctness, or a truth-teller. It makes you an asshole.
  • If the harder of two options is to keep your mouth shut and refrain from making a comment or joke that perpetuates racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, rape culture… that is far more courageous, and innovative, than opening your mouth and making said comment. And that makes you not an asshole, or at least not as much of one.
  • Arguing that intolerance should not be tolerated is not, in fact, a paradox. Saying “But if you say ‘don’t tolerate intolerance,’ that makes you intolerant too, and that’s hypocritical!” doesn’t make you some kind of intellectual giant. It makes you an asshole who would rather mess around with seeming “conundrums” instead of thinking about things like free choice, bodily autonomy, basic human rights, and the limits of religiously-imposed morality in a secular state.
  • If you are yourself a girl or woman, hating on other women is not some novel, transgressive or subversive act. Women have actively participating in upholding misogyny for thousands of years. If you want to be novel and subversive, try supporting your fellow women.
  • Becoming an ally to marginalized groups will not turn you into a saint. It will, hopefully, make you less of an asshole.
  • Recognizing people’s basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should not be a paradigm-shifting exertion of mental effort. Angels will not come down from heaven with trumpets, and deprivileged groups will not come to you with offerings of cookies. Just recognize that people have the right to live freely and happily, and do what you can to help them. Not because you get something out of it, but because it’s the decent-non-asshole thing to do.

Bolded for emphasis.

Yes, the first one is exactly what i want to say 90% of the time.

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