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Linkspam: The Sex Edition….Um PG 13. Viewer Discretion Advised

EDIT: I realize the post is long, but I am having the devil of a time cutting it. I am so so sorry.

To celebrate the fall of Section 377 in India,at teh hands of Delhi’s High Court (may it survive the challenge) here’s Human Rights Watch’s This Alien Legacy:The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism Take a look at the Naz Foundation, which took the lead in challenging this leftover piece of colonial Victorian racist, sexual prudishness. Here’s a blog that breaks down the decision: Part One, Part Two Part Three

15 Shocking Tales of How Sex Laws Are Screwing the American People What do you all think of teen sex leading to sex offender status and jail time? Why is it that sexting is being hit with the full force of pornography law? How much is too much in terms of years between teen couples? (Re the Wilson case, I must say that there are issues of consent that I am not too comfy with). Frankly as long as the sex is consensual and between people in their teens I am of the school where a strong sex education curriculum is crammed down the little darlings throats, including issues of consent, (drunk people cannot consent, in my book), contraception is made available, and what will be will be. Cause as far I can tell, there ain’t any way in human history that anyone has managed to stop sex between teens from happening, no matter what holy books say. Sexuality is intrinsic to a large part of the human species, and I believe in meeting it head on, accepting it, and working with it so as to produce the best outcome…happy healthy people.

Bisexuality 101 This article just popped up on my LJ reader today, so, I’m sharing it with you all!

This is a very interesting blog, so much so that I cannot excerpt all the stuff that I like…because I would choose every post on teh front page! So, just go read:The Asexual Explorations Blog: Thinking Critically About Asexuality. For this next blog I rec these two posts particularly Sexual, Romantic and Secondary Orientations –Summary of the Series and No More Passing from the equally splendid Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish but I do suggest that you read everything else. and exist for more info and links.

From the “Yeah and?” department, science has finally caught up with reality and come to the conclusion that :
Women like watching porn. News at 11 There are issues, though.

Now I promised a friend of mine that I would start paying attention to disability issues. I have been SORELY remiss in fulfilling that promise. I would therefore like to start doing it now…

Sex and Disability Nerve Magazine Special Edition

Disability and sexual confidence

National Resource Center: Sex and Disability

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability for all of us

Ignorance is never a good thing. Why do people insist on propagating it? Can a book be burned at the stake, literally?

We turn now to the subject of Masturbation

Masturbation: Good Girls do touch themselves Indeed they do. And should. Especially in the face of selfish men: The Orgasm Gap Much giving, not much receiving. smh.

Why masturbate when you can have a fling? Because masturbation can be  free, and I want you to spend your money with me! Also, I am SICK of companies putting pink packaging on anything that involves marketing to women. Cut that out!

Apparently May was the National Masturbation Month? Did you all know that?

When comics are outlawed exactly who is safer? Dear Uncle Sam, please fix healthcare and stay the hell out of our private libraries, thanks!

NSFW and you probably should not be eating or drinking either. Representing Sexually Transmitted Diseases The authors book looks interesting, and here’s an excerpt (PDF) I remember those pics during what passed for sex ed at my school. Basically were used to try to scare us from not having sex as teens. Didn’t exactly work as far as I can recall.  Naturally, women’s sexual organs are the ones that they chose to make the statement with, though. Oh, double standards!

David Caradine comes and goes, and the media loves it Honestly I felt like slapping some of the more idiotic reporters.

As I wondered about the internet, I came upon funky brown chick Here are some of the posts that I like…

How to have casual sex, Cougars and Cubs: Older Women, Younger Men, Manly hot Asian Men, Manly Monday: Why Do Men Date GILFs, MILFs and Other Older Women? and How to Seduce a GILF.

And finally, in terms of book recs? S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College (Paperback) yeah it says teens but beleiv m,e, adults such as myself can learn tons from this. (Hello, fucked up sex education classes!)The author also runs a Ed for the real world and a blog (PS, when they say all you need to know? They MEAN it!)`Have a fun weekend!

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