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No comment necessary.

I don’t have much time to analyze this, but I don’t really need to, because WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKITTY FUCK pretty much suffices:

Harvard Professor Gates Arrested at Cambridge Home

Friends of Gates said he was already in his home when police arrived. He showed his driver’s license and Harvard identification card, but was handcuffed and taken into police custody for several hours last Thursday, they said.

Oh, and don’t read the comments. Seriously. No, I mean it.

Brother Ta-Nehisi’s on it already, if you want something more coherent than FUNKY FUCKING JEFUCKIFUCK IN A FUCKBUCKET and so on. Also, here’s who Gates is, if you don’t already know.*

ETA1: * And if you don’t know, you need to give back your black card right now. C’mon. Hand it over. You get it back when you read one of his books or watch a video he’s been involved with.

ETA2:Twitter folks, follow #Skipgate for the latest.

ETA3 by ABW: Professor Gates’ official response (via his lawyer) on Also, I echo nojojojo: WHAT THE FUCKY FUCK?

10 thoughts on “No comment necessary.”

  1. delagar says:

    I saw this — did you read the police report? Arrgh! They arrested him to show him no black man was going to talk back to the Police on their beat, no matter who he thought he was. I’m still fuming.

  2. unusualmusic says:

    I am about to become a hermit. This is BS.

  3. John Q. Publican says:

    There are days when I am ashamed of my tribe.

  4. Nisi Shawl says:

    Okay, and here’s the really stupid part: the “voting” on aol re:

    1. Do you think race played a role in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.?
    No 50%
    Yes, a big role 38%
    Yes, a small role 12%


    In general, do you think police engage in racial profiling?
    Yes, and sometimes it’s OK 46%
    Yes, and it’s never right 31%
    No 23%

    This is after over 25,000 votes.

    What gets me, what really, really gets me, at this time in my life, is the admission that racial profiling occurs coupled with the endorsement of it as a policy. “Sometimes its OK?” Like, when? When it’s not your race?

    C’mon people, now, smile on your brother, everybody get together….

  5. Delux says:

    nojojojo, profiling is fine when it’s scary unpredictable negroes.

  6. Piricarmen says:

    What can be done to alleviate this situation? It happens all the time yet, very little is done about it. Now, we have a black President in the white house. Is there much anything that can be done.

  7. Bindicated says:

    Charges have been dropped… not that this makes it any less appalling.

  8. Kindred says:

    Man, I heard of driving while black, but sitting home while black has got to take the case. What next, working while black, they’ll be pulling brothers and sisters off the job.

  9. C says:

    This has to be done away with!! This guy was a noted academic and well-respected, being treated like a criminal. Whoever thinks this behavior by the cops is ok in any situation is a racist. nuff said.

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